Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 05 Grey Review and Swatch

I can already see myself running out of makeup products to review someday. When I find something that works, I don’t look for something else and marketing fluff loses its effect on me. The product doesn’t even have to be the best.

Background Story

Most makeup artists advise to use an eyebrow pencil that’s a few shades lighter than our eyebrows (darker if you’re blonde). My eyebrow hair is black, dense, and thick. 

I came to the conclusion that brown is a lighter shade of black.

I bought a brown retractable eyebrow pencil once and it looked horrible on my brows. I never used it again.  I’m not saying that those whom I see using brown eyebrow fillers look horrible — it’s just that my (head) hair is also black and not dyed.

After that, I took a good look at my naked eyebrows and realized that the sparse areas of my eyebrows look greyish. Coincidentally, my then housemate had a grey eyebrow pencil: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 05.ย I tried it, liked it, and bought it that same week.

General Product Information

  • It is a retractable eyebrow pencil, no need for sharpening.
  • The whole pencil is sold at Php 128 and the refill at Php 78.
  • It is available at almost every shopping mall.
  • It comes in 6 colors: 01 dark brown, 02 grey brown, 03 brown, 04 dark grey, 05 grey, and 06 black.

Crosswise, the pencil is shaped like a wedge. I use the finer side for drawing the tail of my brows and the broader side for filling in. The other end of the pencil is a functional spoolie brush.

What I least like about this (bad news first)

  • If you twist out too much of the pencil, it might break which is not really a con if you’re careful.
  • That’s it! Really.

What I like most about this

  • It’s not pigmented.

    For most other makeup products, I normally prefer good color payoff. For eyebrow pencils, it’s a different case. It is recommended to use feather-light strokes when applying eyebrow products but I’m very heavy-handed. For this type of product, not being pigmented is a good thing.

  • It’s perfect for black and dense eyebrows.

    In the photo above, you can see that my eyebrows are dense at the area nearer the nose. But as it moves to the tip, it gets sparse and ends short. I like that I only need to fill in the sparse areas and draw in the tail with the whole thing looking well-transitioned. I’m not sure if that made sense. If I use a brown pencil, I’ll end up with black brows with a brown tail ๐Ÿ˜›

  • It looks natural — like actual hair.

    Look at the tip of my eyebrow in the ‘after’ photo. The tip is all drawn in but it looks will transitioned with the rest of the actual hair.

  • It’s cheap and kind of eco-friendly.

    It’s only 128 Php, that’s barely 3 USD.The actual length of the product is only an inch long, but it dispenses very little product with every use. The pencil will last a long time.

    Refills are available which is even cheaper at 78 Php/ 2 USD. The best part is, you can reuse the body of the pencil including the spoolie it originally came with.

  • It stays put.

It will last the whole conventional 9 to 5 work day.


I recommended this to people with dense black eyebrows that only need filling-in on sparse areas.

For repurchase?


Incidentally, I’m happy to announce that I already know how to groom and shape my eyebrows. Here’s how I do it: Eyebrow Grooming and Shaping.



  1. Nana Lopez

    I like this product too. I reviewed it as well. I use number 2 and 3. And yes, I agree. Being not too pigmented is the strength of this product..especially for people like me who is not a pro when it come to applying eyebrow make up.


  2. ileOdarod

    I've been eyeing this brow pencil for a while now. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's so practical especially because of it's shape.



    Never tried this yet but I feel intrigued with your review. Want to try it now!


  4. Scatterbraintures

    @ Bee, I think you should try this. It's perfect for beginners like us (but I also see a lot of people experienced with makeup who use this.)@ Janet, thank you.


  5. I have this and love this too!! Agreed on your reviews on this! ^_~


  6. I have this and love this too!! Agreed on your reviews on this! ^_~


  7. I am also just learning how to groom/shape my eyebrows. I think this would be perfect for me too. I also find it weird when I use brown pencils and am heavy-handed!


  8. Scatterbraintures

    Hi Pammy! I enjoyed reading your 'what's in my bag' entry. Anyway, do check it out. I really like it. If you find grey too 'cold', try the 02 grey brown color.But I really vouch for the grey one, it's not the permanent eyebrow tattoo type of grey. Perfect for black eyebrows.


  9. Scatterbraintures

    @Banannie, it's the best for me too. But I've only tried 2 :D@Dawn, I haven't tried buying a refill, I hope you can write about that.@Elemersglue, it is amazing considering how cheap it is. Yung black ba it's not too strong?


  10. My favorite eyebrow pencil right now! Will need to buy a refill again soon! ๐Ÿ˜›


  11. My Mom has this in black, it's really amazing for the price!


  12. Banannie

    this is the best eyebrow pencil in the whole world! haha! i have this in #02 and it's the perfect shade for me.. hindi nako gumamit ng brown ever since i bought this.. kaya lang, naputol yung sakit at nahulog sa sink! err! i need to buy the refill soon!


  13. I am now into eyebrow makeup at the moment so I will definitely check this out once I hit the mall with an Etude counter. Thanks for the review – inexpensive yet something that works! ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. @Kath, thanks! Try pencils, I like them because you don't need to have a brush to use them.@Jen (Rainy Days & Lattes), you're right! Black eyebrows are difficult to find eyebrow pencil color for. I almost gave up filling in my brows.@April Hollie, I'll check your blog for a review on the easy brow pencil. If it's cheaper, I might give that a try.


  15. Gen-zel, I have that but I haven't used it as an eyebrow filler. I use it as an eyeshadow.


  16. I too love this brow pencil. I also love their easy brow pencil, the one that needs to be sharpened. ^_^


  17. Thanks for this review! Good thing I haven't bought my target brow powder from in2it yet! ๐Ÿ˜€ I'll try this one first since it's cheaper and looks good. I envy your brows! ^^


  18. This looks REALLY good on you. I couldn't tell at all that it was a brow pencil. I need to get me one of these… black hair is very hard to pick a brow pencil color for. Brown can be too light and black is just too intense lol


  19. Kathneko

    Good Morning Rae! Thanks for this great review! Gusto ko na din mag try ng eyebrow pencil ngayon Na hooked kasi ako sa brow gel and powders.


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