Dupe-hunting — My Guide to Finding The Best Cheaper Version of A Product

Here’s a guide I follow in looking for cheaper products that perform almost as good, if not the same, as the real thing. Most of these tips, I picked up from the internet. Some, I’ve realized.

Check if the brand/ product belongs to a big umbrella company

This is my FAVORITE, because there’s a BIG chance we’ll find the same product that’s merely ‘dressed’ in a different package–that, and fragrance or texture.

Anyway, if a product is made by a big multinational company, and if it is a high-end product, there must be a cheaper masa version of it and example is Lancome Genifique and L’Oreal Youth Code.

Incidentally, I stumbled upon a tweet (via @joshua_becker) of an infographic. This serves as a pretty good guide in looking for who made which and what other products they make–not just of cosmetic ingredients but of food too.

I was right when I suspected that Magnum Ice Cream and Cornetto is the same ice cream. They’re both made by Unilever.


Google the first five (or so) ingredients of the product you’re trying to find a dupe for

I tried this when I was looking for a dupe for James Cooper Jazzy Cream Compact Foundation. I didn’t find a dupe, BUT I found out that the same (as in the same) thing is sold in Russia under the brand Makeup Secret. Click the link to the online store. They sell it as a concealer, which I found cool because I use Jazzy Cream Compact as a concealer.

In the Jazzy Cream Compact box, it says Made in France. Guess what… in the Makeup Secret website, it says Raw Material: France. And, if you checked the website, you’ll see that the packaging of both products is EXACTLY the same.

Check for products with the same active ingredient

You might not find something that performs exactly the same BUT there’s a high probability that they will give almost the same result (save for placebo effect). More often than not, the significant difference in price of 2 products with the same active ingredient will NOT result in a significant difference in performance.

Check Female Network’s Girltalk and Temptalia

You might already know this, but Temptalia has a Makeup Dupe List page and Female Network’s Girltalk has a thread for makeup dupes. Other forum sites might have the same thread. I’m not much of a make-up person so I haven’t really tried looking for makeup and skin care dupe threads in forum sites.

The Cosmetics Cop also did a test of department store and drugstore products for texture, wear, and shade selection. Here’s the list they came up with: Drugstore Doppelgangers.

Google and Youtube

This is common sense and you might already be doing this. Go to google or youtube and type in: “ Dupe”, you’ll be surprised with the results.

* * *

I seldom buy high-end nowadays (except makeup) and it’s a bummer that Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation doesn’t seem to have a dupe.

Enjoy dupe hunting!


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  1. Thank you!!! So very useful! πŸ™‚ And as for the James Cooper Jazzy Cream Compact probably it’s just repackaged product. but i’m surprised it’s made in france. i thought most repacked came from china.


  2. omg! i never knew there’s such a thing. i’m totally gonna do some dupe hunting from now on! thanks rae! (or am i just too innocent)


  3. So I'll never attempt to have a taste of Magnum ice cream anymore because I have already had lots of Cornettos hehehe…this is interesting info.


  4. yes i work in a luxury cruise ship so i get to travel a lot almost all over the world and i see same logos in different names in different countries, so that made me think it's just one company only changed into different names…


  5. Β Haha, russian e. Access it on translate.google.com.Unfortunately, walang dupe na available dito πŸ˜›Β  When we see each other, bigyan kita sample ng James Cooper. Super mixed ang reviews niya e. I think lighter yung shade mo sakin (I'm NC37), pero para ma-test mo yung texture, etc.


  6. I clicked on the website, pero hindi ko naintindihan nakasulat! haha! would be cheaper ba to buy online nalang? gusto ko try James Cooper na yaannn…


  7. Haha, magkatabi ata tayo table pero nakatalikod ako sa table nyo πŸ˜› Napalingon lang ako and I realized, heeeey, that's b.rhapsody πŸ˜€


  8. I guess that was me πŸ˜› I went to Umu Restaurant for the Listerine Press Launch. Kaya lang di kita nakita. Hehe. Di kasi ako masyado naglagaw sa room e. Dun lang ako sa table namin. I hope next time we'll meet each other. πŸ™‚


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