Tip: Knowing For Sure How Long Since You First Opened Something

I’ve been doing this for a few years already and I can’t believe I only thought of sharing it now.

The idea came when I was trying to go through medicines and skin care products to weed out expired items. Then I found out that some products, instead of having an expiry date on them, had a period-after-opening-symbol printed on the label.

I had no way of knowing if the after-opening period had already lapsed — for sure that would come before expiration date.

Since then, I always keep a permanent marker ready so I can write the month and year when I first opened or used a product.

Tip: I write the date at the bottom of the bottle so that it is less likely to fade over time.



  1. Here's where I realize how ignorant I am. I usually just assume that any skin/care make-up product expires after two years if they don't have the expiration date. I didn't know there's a period-after-opening-symbol. Thanks for the link to wiki. didn't even know how it looks like.


  2. I used to do that — in a google doc spreadsheet.But it was difficult to keep track which is which… and I had to type in the full name of the product. I'd like to thank my laziness for the awesome idea.


  3. Jaja Ferreria

    I am very guilty of this, I used to write it in a notepad, it was working for me until the notepad went missing. This is a great and practical alternative which I never thought of before. Face palm moment.


  4. Kittykatmiyaw

    Thanks for the tip. I tend to forget dates, and it results to me having to throw away most products with an after opening symbol.


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