Lush Ultra Bland 14-Day No Soap Experiment Kick-off

Sooo… I want to punch myself in the face for missing to check the most important inscription on a product label — the expiration date.

I was on a hunt for a good waterproof eye makeup remover a month ago.  Lush Ultra Bland was one of the few cleansers I bought and tried out.

As a waterproof makeup remover, it’s a fail. But as a facial cleanser, it’s good enough.

The cleanser is packaged in a small tub. It had me at: “this is the Lush founders’ number one Desert Island product.”

As you can tell in the photo below, it is a thick cream that is very similar in consistency as a body butter.

You use it the same way as a cold cream. But it’s thicker than most commercial cold creams in the market and is a bit harder to remove.

The tub I bought will expire on July 11, which is 13 days from now. I was really pissed when I got home and found out. I remember checking the ingredients when I was at the store, so I can’t understand why I didn’t think of looking for the expiration date.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I’ll just make this an opportunity to try out Lush’s huge claim:

For people with really problem skin, nothing but Ultrabland for one month to bring skin back into balance.

I’ve been breaking out recently because of a project I’m working on and I’ve only been sleeping 4 to 6 hours every day for the past month (hence, the lack of update on this blog).

Since I need to finish up this tub, I decided to use this exclusively to cleanse my face. I started the experiment yesterday.

I used just a microfiber towel to take off the cleanser and water to rinse as much of it off. I plan to do the same thing the next 13 days. Since the cleanser won’t strip my skin off of any oil, I won’t use a moisturizer anymore, but I will continue using tretinoin.

On occasion, I know I will need to use Laneige Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof (to remove mascara). Other than that, I won’t use anything else. Not soap and other foamy cleansing stuff.

I’ll post an update in 13 days.

I’ll take you up on that claim, Lush. Let’s see if you can bring my skin into balance.

Click here for the result: 14-Day No Soap Experiment

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  1. looking forward to the update. low shelf life is one of the reasons why im a lil bit hesitant to purchase other lush products. but i love most of the stuff i already bought from them, esp their soaps 🙂

  2. I wonder if this will actually work. What exactly does “bring skin back to balance” means? My skin is acting strangely lately. It's better off bare coz I just break out whenever I try to apply something, even my usual moisturizer.

  3. If you'll need other products to take off waterproof eye makeup, how can the Ultra Bland bring your skin back to balance? Maybe there's enough of an effect when you use UB after makeup remover? Can't wait for your update 🙂

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