Result: 14-Day No Soap Experiment Using Lush Ultra Bland

This is the conclusion post of my 14-Day No Soap Experiment using Lush Ultra Bland.  If you haven’t read the intro yet, please click this – Intro: 14-day No Soap Experiment Featuring Lush Ultra Bland.

It took a lot of effort to do this experiment and I’m not happy to report that I wasn’t able to use this for 14 consecutive days as my cleanser. I skipped a day (but more on that later).

First, let me tell you how to use Lush Ultra Bland.

As you can see in the photo, the product is very thick. It’s like Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. If you turn the tub upside down, the product will not fall out.

To describe how it feels to use it, imagine scooping butter on your finger and spreading it all over your face. It will spread easily as it melts with the heat of your skin and it will dilute all your makeup (EXCEPT waterproof eye makeup).

After that, try washing off that butter with room temperature water. As you probably can imagine, it will NOT budge. You will need to use a damp flannel, or warm water, or both to take it off.

Since we don’t have a water-heating system in the house, I pour hot water in a bowl from a thermos, dip a microfiber towel in, and wipe off the cleanser.

It says on the label that you can remove it with a damp cotton pad. Uhmmm, NO.  Maybe with 5 big ones ‘coz I can’t see how it is possible with just one damp cotton pad.

After cleaning your face you’ll have to wash the towel too. And let’s not forget the bowl. You have to clean the bowl of course.

In two words, I’ll summarize this routine as extremely effortful.

In five words: not fit for my lifestyle.

The Experience

The first 3 days went smoothly. On those 3 days, I didn’t wear any waterproof makeup so I was able to use Ultra Bland exclusively. Work was also not very demanding so I was able to afford doing the above routine morning and night.

On the 4th day, I used Revlon Color Stay eyeliner. I had to remove the eyeliner with a waterproof makeup remover first before using Ultra Bland. I’ve foreseen using a separate makeup remover for eye makeup as stated in my intro post. I consider it a valid exception.

By the 6th day, I started experiencing soap-withdrawal. Actually, I can last forever not using soap and using something like Physiogel cleanser, cetaphil, or micellar water. It was more like missing the feeling of splashing my face with water and touching my skin sans something-creamy.

I gave in on the 9th day. I washed my face with SkinKlens (which is kind of a dupe for Cetaphil).  It’s also on this day, 5 days before the expiration date, that I placed the ultra bland tub in the fridge.  Images of bacteria multiplying rapidly kept propping up in my head. I thought maybe cool temperature might slow down the process.

The journey until the 14th day was agonizingly slow. I was able to carry through the experiment nonetheless. At the end of the whole thing, I felt so relieved that it’s all over. And it wasn’t because the product was bad. It was just very time-consuming to use.


Prior to doing the experiment I was already breaking out and I could already see a few pustules about to pop. Other than those, no additional pimples erupted. But if “bring the skin back into balance” meant that the cleanser is going to heal the pimples – well, it didn’t.

Good news is, even with simultaneous use of the highest-strength tretinion, I didn’t need a moisturizer.  It made my skin very supple and moisturized. The suppleness reduced the appearance of my pores and I woke up on most days with less oil than usual.  Also, the redness around my nose toned down significantly.

I guess that’s what skin balance meant.


Lush Ultra Bland lives up to its claim. It is a very good product. It would’ve been great if it can remove Japanese waterproof mascara and if it’s easy to wash off.

The results were great but I found the effort of using it very unsustainable.

If someday my grease-face becomes extremely dry and flakey, it would be worth the effort.  But right now, cream wash-off cleansers will suffice.



  1. I think I'll flip over without soap. I can take skipping it in the morning (currently, I'm experimenting with honey and I'm having breakouts!) but I can't sleep at night knowing I had to skip my soapy facial wash after perspiring over my sunscreen-covered face the entire day. I tried this before and I think 3 days was my max.


  2. Same as Ile, I can't stand not using something foamy to cleanse my face, especially after a long, heavy-makeup kind of day. I recently got to try the Physiogel cleanser, but after testing it for about a week, I went straight back to my fave facial foam. Not that it's not a good product – I just missed the lather. Anyway, it's good that this product was able to tone down the redness on your face! That's one of my major skin problems. I haven't tried anything from Lush yet, but I drop by there from time to time. Ang bango bango kasi sa loob! Haha.


  3. Likewise Tellie. Although I find this really weird because their products have parabens (which is the gold standard in preserving cosmetics). Maybe the default shelf-life of skin care is 1 year?


  4. i don't think this is the product for me. I can't even stand using just cetaphil alone. I need the feel of a lathering cleanser on my face at the end of the day.


  5. Hi Rae!!! missing a lot from your blog when I left Blogspot uhh! Nice review as always. I would love to try this but it seems it really requires effort which I don't like since I'm more on doing the easiest possible way in removing my makeup. This is interesting though. Haven't tried anything from lush, but soon 🙂


  6. thanks for sharing, and ahhh nightmare if it doesn't wash off. man that sucks that it's that thick. I find most Lush stuff is just good smelling thats about it!


  7. @ Homebased Diva: Thanks sa pag-abang. Sana nga din nagbasa ako before buying this. Although, most ng nakikita kong reviews, US-based so parang ok lang sa kanila kasi most naman ng houses may water-heating equipment.


  8. haha i like how you compared it to DQ's blizzard ^^ thanks for sharing this detailed review. i like lush a lot. but some of their products just dont fit me. like this one, just because it takes so much effort to use it 😀


  9. Really calls for a generous and devoted user. HAHA! But this is kinda new for me. A no soap product? 🙂 I agree with your conclusion maybe you just have to settle for a routine friendly cleanser. I admire your review so simple yet says it all. Although I love Lush but I think I have to trust your words on this product.


  10. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Very helpful! I'm a wash and wear kind of girl so I don't think I'll be wanting to try this, although your remark that it made your skin more supple might make me reconsider. 🙂


  11. Sis, inabangan ko itong post mo. Thanks for your honest review. I prefer simple routines, buti na lang nabasa ko ito, i dislike tedious routines kasi. 🙂


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