Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation Emptied and Revisited

I already talked about this sun stick last year so this won’t take very long. Consider this post an ode to my favorite x-in-one product of all time.

Imagine this product as food and then picture me licking the plate clean.  That’s how I imagined myself when I gobbled it down to the very last gram.

Here’s a photo taken days before:

Incidentally, a lovely person stumbled upon my review and she e-mailed me her questions about it.

Hello Rae,

My name is Kate and I recently read your review of the Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation. I love how informative it was and it made me want to purchase it even more. I have very acne prone skin and I’m told that stick foundations are not a good choice because of the occlusive ingredients that make stick foundation well, a stick. As opposed to liquid foundations with less waxes etc. What do you think about this?
Also, would this make a good everyday foundation or more like a foundation to wear to the beach? What products work well under this? Setting powder necessary?

One last question, how do you  remove this foundation completely at the end of the day? It is very water resistant so I imagine nothing but an oil cleanser will completely remove it. Do you know if the Shiseido oil cleanser will work? What other ones would you recommend?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



After reading that, I was like WOAH. Those were really good questions. I thought my review was detailed enough but how would I know, I’m not experienced with makeup in general (fact: as of today that post remains to be my first and only foundation review, hah!)
Some might have the same questions as Kate so I thought I’d share my reply to her:

Hi Kate,
Thank you so much for reading my review. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your email sooner.

I consider my acne situation as mild to moderate and I use topical acne medication. I didn’t break out with the Shiseido sun stick but that might be because I use tretinoin.

To be honest, I only have 1 liquid foundation. 3 of the 4 I have are all cream compact or stick type. I don’t like looking overly matte.

Shiseido is quite different from all other sticks I have though. Coz it has a tiny bit of face primer feel to it. I don’t put anything underneath. Sometimes I top it with ben nye banana luxury powder. I get a lot of compliments with that combo. Also, this foundation is very sheer. It’s a tinted sun stick at best. But for some reason it does great in diffusing my large pores. If you have post acne hyperpigmentation, I don’t recommend this. It will not do anything. You might also get disappointed with the color selection. They only have 2 shades.

I remove it with bifesta, similar to that bio-something micellar water famous in France. Then I wash my face with an ordinary cleanser.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if there’s anything else 🙂

As you can tell, my thoughts on it remain the same. It is still my favorite everyday foundation-slash-sunblock-slash-primer. I am sure I’ll repurchase but I still have a lot of food on my plate. I will have to finish those up first.
The photos in this post were taken by our friend Manzi. That fake island came all the way from Dubai. Manzi was adamant that we use it 😛

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  1. Again, lovely pictures! I wonder though, don't you find this sticky? I tested it once and whoa! The drag is just whooooa. I'm not sure if it's just old stock or plain ole tester muckiness but yeah. Pretty mucky.

  2. I noticed that. Yung mga samples, they look dirty, esp yung mga nasa sm dept store. The first time I sampled it, it was at their Greenbelt 5 boutique and the testers there were new. The sales person scoops it up for you. Maybe that's why it looks neat. But if I saw the dirty testers first, I probably wouldn't buy it.I didn't find it sticky. It's actually quite dry, like dry silicone that slides on the skin. Despite this being a stick, I don't recommend it to dry skinned people.

  3. Rae! You have to know that whenever I see a Shi sun stick, I think of you! It's because of that post you did last year and I'm not surprised you got an email that hoped you'd discuss more about it.Holy wow, you mentioned the ben nye powder pala! Beauty duo for you: shi sun stick + ben nye bananawana! Re: ben nye banana, i think if you are very fair and have strong yellow undertones, it works naman. If you know ladychris in GT, she loves this powder and she's NC15. Hirap to set the rule on shade matching with this powder, noh.

  4. You have great posts Rae! No wonder someone will consult you about the products you feature. I'm eyeing on this when I saw it at Shiseido, Greenbelt but it's too pricey for me pa. i hope I can try it too. Good thing Ben nye works for you. I'm still weighing it until now.

  5. If only it wasn't so expensive. I want to try it someday, but I think I'll wait til my skin becomes more predictable. It tends to have mood swings these days so I have to keep on switching foundations.I love how these pictures were taken. I really like the concept. 🙂 But at the first picture, I keep on imagining what will happen if some of the sand gets into the foundation. hahahaha.

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