Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream Review

I am disappointed by the lack of google-able information on Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream. I couldn’t find the ingredients list aside from a vague blurb in the kanebo.sg website.

Moisture Ingredients [Yeast extract] will soften the skin that hardens from dryness. Penetrating [Adhesive Collagen] and [Double hyaluronic acid] sinks deeply and quickly into the skin.

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream

To be honest, “yeast” and “adhesive” doesn’t sound enticing to me. This product has SPF 23 PA++ as stated on the website.

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream Comparison Swatches

Unlike most BB creams, this doesn’t have strong ashy grey tones.

To all my light-medium yellow-olive ladies out there, this might be the bb cream you’re looking for. I’m currently in my summer shade right now so it’s about two shades too light. For reference, the back of my hand is an EXACT match to my chest, neck, and face (if the latter is not red and irritated).

Sadly, this bb cream only comes in one shade.

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream – With Flash
Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream Swatch, with Flash

It gives a tiny bit of flash back BUT it will not make you look like a geisha in photos.

Texture and Application
Applying this didn’t involve hard core tugging despite the creamy texture. I consider this one of the easier-to-blend bb creams in the market. It’s like an emollient tinted moisturizer. It’s also not the type that sits on top of the skin. But on me, it tends to look like that because of the shade variance.

Here’s another photo. This time comparing Kanebo to the face base I found to be the closest match to my skin tone: L’Oreal Lucent Magique in Gold Shell (G4).

Put yourself at a 2-feet distance from the monitor and see how close L’Oreal exactly matches my bare skin.

15 Days 5 BB Creams: Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift Mineral BB Cream Review

On my oily skin, this can not be worn without a powder to set it.

Verdict: Still not jumping on the bb cream bandwagon.



  1. I have a feeling I will end up still not preferring bb creams. At least, I get to use the samples :SPS. I'm starting to breakout 😦


  2. Hope your experiment goes well! As for me, I have given up on BB creams long ago. Tinted moisturizers are where it's at.


  3. Haha, I used to shave it when I was younger. Now I'm ok with it.


  4. i love your balbon arms ang ganda!!


  5. I haven't tried one yet — but I know these products to exist even way before bb creams did. They weren't just abbreviated before and were labeled simply as complexion correctors. Some are green, purple, and peach.


  6. I'm thinking switching to cc creams Ms. Rae actually. Right now, I'm using Encara BB Cream. What do you think about cc creams?


  7. I'm jumping in with both feet on this 'series'. I'll e-mail you my shipping details, send me your account info to so I can send you the shipping fee. I can only pay via Paypal or BDO/ Chinabank though. Puro SM establishments lang where I am.


  8. No it's not locally distributed. But I wanna give you some in a jar to try hehehe


  9. I have a feeling I won't… EVER. Except if it's a product pretending to be a BB cream but is actually a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer.


  10. Too early to tell. Hopefully I don't break out. I'm on my fourth day. :S


  11. Is BRTC Gold Caviar locally distributed? And are the sample sizes (i.e., sachets like lioeli sold at watsons?)My bet is on BS marketing. But if that's true, oxidization won't be a good thing for bb creams, I'm imagining that whatever skin care benefit the bb cream claims, if it oxidizes, benefit = gone. Hopefully, a chemist drops by this page haha.


  12. I gave up on BB creams a long time ago. They make me look like espasol. 😦 They tend to be sticky too. Ick. I don't think you'll EVER jump on the BB bandwagon. But that's me…. I'm very cynical.


  13. BB creams come in one shade because they're supposed to oxidize into your skin tone (or is that just pseudomagic/bs marketing?) Nonetheless, if you're on a mission to debunk I wanna compare my HG bb cream to the rest: BRTC Gold Caviar 🙂


  14. If only this one blends with one's natural skin color! Still, this seems like a good product to try, At least it didn't break you out like some bb creams I've tried. Looking forward to the rest!


  15. Oh no. I hope your skin has already recovered.


  16. Yep, this is definitely one of the more 'ok' bb creams worth checking out.


  17. Why yes, I am back! So this didn't do well then. If only this was a perfect shade match on you & had decent oil-controlling properties…Needless to say, based on your review this is still worth checking out. I loved how you describe it as creamy when applied and does not sit on the skin (Im a sucker for bases that melds with the skin…), so I won't cross this bb cream off the list just yet.Thanks for BB Cream 1 review– and for doin the whole bb cream adventure!


  18. Rae, I also can't seem to make BB creams work for me. The Etude one I tried broke me out. I will stay tuned for more reviews.


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