Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB Review

Please note that I only have a sample packet of the Too Cool For School’s Blending Cream BB and I’ve only used the product for 3 consecutive days. With each use, I applied the product right after toweling my face dry, without a primer underneath.

Too Cool For School Blending BB Cream

I haven’t seen any other swirly bb cream before. I also haven’t seen any other bb cream that doesn’t have SPF. When I checked the website, titanium dioxide was high up on the ingredients list. But there was no mention of how much the SPF rating is.

Here’s a photo of a full-size bottle taken from the website:

Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB

Here’s the first few ingredients listed:
Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, Phenyl Trimethicone, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Neopentyl Glycol, Dimethicone, etc.

Too Cool For School Blending BB Cream

This bb cream tugs on the skin as it is blended in. At first, it looks white and then it dissipates into a transparent cream. From ghostly, my face will look moisturized and my pores will look diffused. It doesn’t have a grey tinge which is great but it doesn’t have enough coverage to conceal overall face redness, as I said, it becomes somewhat transparent.

Too Cool For School Blending BB Cream

Oil control left much to be desired. I don’t believe in oil “control” in general coz I think oil control in makeup parlance means something that has enough oil absorbers to make you look presentable after a number of hours… or something that can still make you look presentable even after oiling up. Using this required me to go on several trips to the ladies room to blot my face.

Too Cool For School Blending BB Cream

If I had clear skin and undetectable pores, this would’ve been an ok moisturizer. But with the lack of ‘oil control’ and the absence of assurance for any sun protection — no, thank you.

– I am now a bb cream convert.
– Still not jumping on the bb cream bandwagon.



  1. Did you just move to wp??? or you’ve I just noticed it today? Anyway, Congrats! Finally! You’re in WP!!! Yey! ^_^

    As for the BB Cream I think yes, it’s for cool climate. I remember when Bianca Valerio told us that in Korea, they wear BB Cream alone , no need to add powder on top and you can go with it the whole day. For me, I prefer BB Cream over Foundation because I love that I can still see my skin peeking through my makeup and it doesn’t feel heavy. If only I have super clear skin, I would’ve just use concealer. Or kung pde lang wag na mag makeup haha.

    Thanks for this review Rae! I think I’ll give this product a pass. Try their BB Foundation lunch box from TCFS, it’s my most fave so far. works as a foundation with the benefits of BB cream 🙂


  2. Thoroughly enjoying this series!


    1. Thanks! 😛 2 more to go 🙂


  3. Oil control is a huge problem for bb creams. Even me with my dry skin, I can go a whole day and not oil up. With bb creams, my best one has me oily in 5 hours. But I kinda feel like there are a lot of fakes and posers. I just want the real deal!


    1. I’m starting to theorize that BB creams are for cooler climates. Since it comes mostly waxy, it melts and ends up looking oily.


  4. and congrats on your move to wordpress 🙂


  5. i feel like the most common prob of BB / CC creams is the oil control part and having a good variety of colors. someone gave me one from tony moly but it is to light on my skin ^^


    1. Yeah, I don’t understand why they can’t make more shades for bb creams. I’ve know bb creams to exist since 7 years ago.


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