Sun Protection Week: Day 3 – My Sun Protection Strategy for Outdoor Activities

I love the sea. I love swimming and water activities. I used to love getting really dark and almost sun burnt until I found out that it’s not healthy. So I learned to accept my medium yellow-olive-toned skin that’s neither pale nor tan.

I take sun care more seriously when I’m spending the day directly under the sun.

I buy the really heavy diaper cream-like zinc oxide sunblocks — the type that’s almost like white body paint.

I’ve accepted that when it comes to sun care, I CAN’T have it all.

I’ll always have to choose between 2 things:
1. Enjoy the outdoor experience; or
2. Fuss about how white and greasy I look like and re-apply sunblock like a maniac.

I never choose the latter. Although I still do re-apply sunblock.

Sunblock Preferences

I opt for the really sticky and opaque high-percentage zinc oxide sunblocks because it’s easier to know when I need to re-apply. If I can still see an opaque white cream on my skin, I know I’m still good. Once it starts to fade, I re-apply.

Chemical sunscreens have a definite ‘expiration’ period when taken out of the bottle and get exposed to sunlight. So even if you still see some cream on your skin, it’s not an assurance that you’re adequately protected. I don’t usually wear a watch when I do outdoor activities and I’m not anal enough to time the re-application at specific intervals.

Good thing most sunscreens nowadays are a combination of both physical blockers and chemical sunscreens. But I still choose products that are predominantly physical blockers.

Favorite Sunblock for Outdoor Activities

I used to alternate between brands until I found one that fits all my requirements: Nature’s Gate Aqua Block.

If all you care about is getting sufficient protection, you should try this. I use this even on the face and I don’t break out.

On Spray Sunblock…

The formula I avoid at all costs (for outdoor, direct sunlight activities) is spray-type sunblock.  It’s a good concept for re-application but I always get burned when I use it. Since it’s mostly transparent, I don’t actually see if I’m covered enough. Sometimes some of the product are blown away with the wind as you spray it. I feel like it’s a waste.

Removing Zinc Oxide Sunblock

The major disadvantage of using zinc oxide sunblock is that it’s difficult to remove. I discovered a product that makes it easier — Dr. Wood’s liquid castile soap. This is a cheaper alternative to Dr. Bronner’s. What laundry detergent can’t wash off, liquid castile soap can.

Anyway, I’m curious to know what your sun care routine is for outdoor activities and what products you use. I hope you can share them below.

If you missed Days 1 & 2, check the link below:

Sun Protection Week

Next: Experiment: What does a quarter teaspoon of sunblock look like on the face?



  1. i love using shiseido’s sunblock. I apply it everyday to prevent freckles and sun spots. My mom, aunts, and grandmother all have freckles which is why they all nagged me and really instilled in me the importance of sun protection. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Which one from shiseido are you using. I’ve only used 2 of their products with SPF (but not specifically labeled as sunblock). One is the sun protection stick foundation with SPF 36, and the other is White Lucent Spot Control UV Base with SPF 35. Thanks for dropping by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. “Up next probably: Experiment: What does a quarter teaspoon of sunblock look like on the face?”

    This one I’ve gotta see. Hindi ko kasi ginagawa ito pag narereview ng sunscreen (with pictures et. al).


    1. I tried na, with Biore Perfect Face. Ayusin ko muna pictures.


  3. I totally get you on the spray-sunblock thing! I’d rather choose the lotion type cos I can actually see the product and see for myself the parts I haven’t applied yet.


  4. My outdoor routine is an embarrassingly thick layer of sunscreen on my shoulders, arms, tops of the feet and nose (normal layer everywhere else). I reapply with spray sunblock and I don’t have problems because I don’t mind bothering myself every hour or so. Then again, I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t burn easily even though I’m pretty fair.


    1. You’re lucky! That’s pretty much how E puts on sunblock when outdoors. Unfortunately he’s the type to burn easily, so the spray just won’t cut it for him.


  5. Naku, ganyan din ako when I was younger. Pag swimming, “m the first to make lublob, Im the last to make ahon.” Yan ang term talaga sa akin. Hehehehe. I dont care kahit mukha akong toasted bread/roasted chicken.Now, I realized na naku, mahirap pala, so I try to instill in my kid to use sun protection talaga when he’s out in the sun.


    1. SIguro yun din, when I was younger, wala kaming pakialam sa sun protection, as a family. Hahaha.


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