Sun Protection Week: Day 4 – A Quarter Teaspoon of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk On Human Face

The next few days of sun protection week will be of me slathering a quarter teaspoon of sunblock on my face.

In Day 1, I mentioned that 2 milligrams of sunblock per cm² of skin is needed to get the SPF rating as written on the label. I don’t own a weighing scale sensitive enough to measure milligrams so I’ll be using the measuring spoon approximation.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

A fellow sunscreen addict told me that it’s possible to apply that much with Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (and still manage to look decent.)

Quarter Teaspoon - Sunscreen

I freaked out when I poured the sunblock on my palm because it was more than I usually apply and I was set on actually going through my day with that much goop on.

Quarter Teaspoon of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

Here’s what a quarter teaspoon of Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk looks like on my face. (Note: I am not naked here. I am wearing a tank top so the contrast between my face and body can be seen.)

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk - Quarter Teaspoon on human face

Say hello to my pale lips.

I looked a bit shiny because of the lighting but my skin looked matte in person. As soon as the alcohol dissipated, I look like I just applied a generous amount of translucent powder on. My face wasn’t as white and greasy as I expected. Maybe people a few shades lighter than me can wear this sunblock on its own. For reference, I’m light-medium yellow-olive. Refer to the menu for my foundation matches.

I powdered my face to counter the ashiness. I didn’t need to blot off shine throughout the day (I will have to re-test in the warmer months).

A bottle of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk is 30 ml. Assuming you’re like me who also doesn’t re-apply sunblock every few hours during the day, that’s about 24 days of use (1/4 tsp = 1.25 ml.)

I bought this bottle from TPE Marketplace, behind Makati Medical Center, for Php 480 — not expensive, but consider that you have to buy it every month if you follow the quarter teaspoon rule (re-application not considered).

What worries me is the alcohol. I’m ok with a little bit of alcohol in sunscreen because it makes the product easier to work with. But 1/4 teaspoon of it felt like I was massaging rubbing alcohol on my face. This could be dehydrating to the skin if done long-term even if you’re oily.

Conclusion: 1/4 teaspoon is doable and realistic with this sunblock, but not recommended for dry skin types.



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  2. Have you tried wearing a foundation over this sunblock? Curious ako if it will leave a cast/will look ashy?


    1. Powder foundation pa lang. It didn’t look ashy. Have yet to try with liquid and cream foundation.


  3. I’m not a big user of sunblock. Okay, I’m not a user at all because I feel like it’s just an additional step in the morning and another product to pile up on my face and I really don’t want that. But now I really feel like I have to start applying some on my face. Hmmm.

    For your hooded lids, I really enjoyed this tutorial: 🙂



    1. Nice, I found something by Rae Morris too. I might start a new series. Hooded-eye Fridays hahaha.


  4. For hooded eyes (and my uneven eyes), the best and easiest eye makeup is to have a smudgy dark liner that’s darkest on your lashline and fades upward. It flatters most eye shapes, actually, and is the most crease-friendly.

    Also. Holy shit. I probably use only half or a third of that for sun block. If at all. I need to reevaluate.


    1. On eye makeup, that’s the only eye makeup I know how to do :p

      I also only use about a third of this. If I feel like all of my face already has sunscreen, that’s that.


  5. Hmmm… I have hooded eyes too, but I think mine are a little less “hooded” if that makes sense. As I always gripe, walang kwenta ang eyeliner for me, hindi kasi makita. Lol.


    1. Haha, oo nga. Pag medyo napapikit ka ng onti, dun lang sya makikita. Pero naglalagay pa din ako, pero wala nang elaborate shapes, para lang kunware, makapal yung eyelashes. When you make it thicker, it will look too much for day time.


      1. I just use mascara and leave it at that. Haha


        1. How do you prevent it from stamping on to the lid?


        2. So far I haven’t had that problem. I just apply it the usual way. My lashes have a natural curl, but not so much that the mascara goes onto the eyelids. Helps that the mascara dries pretty quickly and is waterproof. 🙂


    1. Wow, thanks!


  6. Rae! check out youtube vids for eye makeup for hooded eyes.. sa mga napanood ko, they usually recommend wearing lots of mascarra eh.. saka using matte eye shadow (pixiwoo channel ung pinakainformative for me.. sila ung creators ng RT brushes)


    1. Sobrang gusto ko nung RT brushes. Meron ka na? Anong recommended mo? On eye makeup… Yun nga e. Puro mascara at false lashes. Yun pa man din yung pinaka-ayaw kong gawin, hahaha. Puro matte din eyeshadow ko, pang balance lang sa shiny face.


      1. set ung binigay ni ate sakin eh.. ung core saka eye starter.. bumili din ako nung lash brow groomer.. gusto ko un png comb ng lash.. infairness namiminimize ang pgcclump. ung sa sets, gamit ko nman lahat.. gusto mo itry mo muna ung travel essentials kasi 3 na ung andun, me pang eyes, face at cheeks.. me mga nabasa din akong reviews about e.l.f brushes.. ok din daw.. na try mo na ba un?


        1. Meron ako nung studio na flat top brush. Ok naman sya. Lambot. Yung color white yung handle, hindi ok


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