Sun Protection Week Day 5 – Road Testing Laneige Sun Block Oil-free SPF35 PA++

I’m loving the cold weather but I had to set aside my watery sunscreens to keep my skin from drying out. Since I don’t like layering lotions and potions on my face, I started using alcohol-free cream-type sunscreens to serve as moisturizer-and-sunblock in one.

I sifted through the samples in my stash and saw this:

Laneige Sun Block Oil-free SPF 35 PA++ Sample

I used this for 2 consecutive days and applied it as I would any other moisturizer.

On the 2nd day, I was glad I remembered that I was doing the quarter-teaspoon experiment. What was left was half of a quarter teaspoon. Sorry!

Here are photos of my face, in the following order:

  1. Bare face
  2. After a thin layer of sunscreen (the amount I usually use)
  3. After adding all the sunscreen in the measuring spoon
Laneige Oil-free Sunscreen - Quarter Teaspoon Experiment

The 3rd photo was taken after 30 minutes of letting the sunblock sink in. I can’t imagine how I would look like if I applied a quarter teaspoonful or if I used this in the summer.

I didn’t read the product claims prior to use, but since it’s oil-free*, I didn’t expect that the thinnest layer would give me a level of sheen beyond tolerable for an oily skinned person like me.

I went through the day with my 3rd photo face, but not without powdering. I used Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder and a light dusting of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light to bring back some sheen to the prominent parts of my face.

I stayed in a non-humid air-conditioned environment all day and I didn’t need to reapply the powder. But by mid-day, I needed to use a blotting sheet.

I googled for the claims and found them somewhat misleading. I do not find these to be true:

  • Oil-free formula gives matte touch without oily or shininess giving a light usage feeling. 
  • Silicon polymer ingredients hide pores and silky powder with excellent sebum absorptive power absorbs sebum, maintaining sleek and refreshing skin tone. 
  • Clove oil and herb extracts control sebum secretion and soothes skin tone, leaving skin feel clarified and healthy.

I had to check if I was looking at the same sunblock variant.

For my conclusion on the teaspoon experiment: I’d say, if you’re set on following the quarter teaspoon rule, do not buy this. It’s not worth the effort of powdering and blotting considering that the UVA rating of PA++ is too low.

*Sometimes I forget that oil-free doesn’t mean anything. Most of the time, oil-free products have oil-like ingredients (e.g., butylene glycol, silicone) used as alternative.



  1. Good review! One less product for me to try. :))


    1. Definitely. Good thing this is just a sample.


  2. Sayang. What if someone buys the full-size for this one and expects the “oil-free” claim? Sayang. Off to the next product, I say! 🙂


  3. Mega fail! Or maybe you needed to give it more time to process? hehehe.


    1. Haha, nah, giving time to process usually gets me into hoarding trouble. I keep products out of doubt that I might be doing something wrong. Oh well, til the next sunscreen.


  4. Thanks for the heads up, Rae! Since I don’t want to look like someone with allergies, I’m going to steer clear. What exactly is a teaspoon experiment?


    1. Many derm doctors say that you have to put 1/4 teaspoon of sunblock on your face to get the spf rating as written on the label. But I don’t think it’s realistic to do.


  5. Hmm sounds like a rebound effect. Maybe your skin is used to something with oil and now that you used something “oil-free,” your skin thought it needed some oil so it produced more to compensate.. Just a thought.


    1. I was describing the finish itself, it’s shiny upon initial application.

      I use mostly oil-free sunblocks everyday because they usually have a matte finish (kanebo longkeep gel, biore uv perfect face, and a few shiseido sunblocks) 😀

      Thanks for dropping by!


      1. Ah I see. I’ve had trouble with other creams making me super oily as the day progressed so I thought it might’ve been the same thing. ,:) np!


        1. I hate that feeling! Anyway, you are very pretty 🙂


  6. Hmmm I’m definitely going to be skeptical of other brands that claim to be oil-free. I haven’t tried anything from Laneige. Parang always akong intimidated pumasok sa store nila sa MOA.


    1. Medyo nga. Ang tatangkad pa most ng SAs nila.


  7. Ok, not for me as I already have really oily skin. That’s too bad 😦


    1. Yup, super shiny, not for us.


  8. Def not for the oily skinned. I spent so much time last night thinking if i should get Paulas Choice RESIST anti-wrinkle sunblock. It has great reviews but a couple of complaints about it being too mattifying for combination skin in the winter. Ehhh— that sounds perfect for combination skin in humid weather!

    By the time i was ready to purchase, i learned its OOS! Bummer.


    1. I wanted to buy this pero out-of-stock nga. They have another one na tinted but it’s not available from the products sold here.


    2. OT, but how do you order from Paula’s Choice? Di ba hassle sa Customs?


      1. It’s a local site. They launched their products here na. Just add the ph extension 🙂


  9. Ohh too bad it doesn’t live up to its “oil-free” claim. 😐 I personally haven’t found a facial sunblock that doesn’t come off as greasy after application.


    1. You might like Biore UV Perfect Face. That’s the matte-est a sunblock can get.

      Kanebo Longkeep UV Gel is not greasy too but it’s expensive at Php 1.6k per tube.


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