My New Favorite Red – Inglot Matte Lipstick in 412


Before I talk about the lipstick, let me tell you about my first Inglot shopping experience.

When I first went to Inglot, I haven’t googled their lipsticks yet.  I went in with no expectations apart from color variety.  I asked the sales person where their matte lipsticks were and s/he pointed me to an area. The lipsticks I swatched had a lot of shine to them.  I immediately assumed that Inglot’s matte lipsticks aren’t really matte, because there are brands coming out with matte lipsticks that should’ve been labeled satin.

Anyway, I’m happy I came back (with Becs).  They let us explore the whole store, swiping, swatching, and testing out stuff.  And we found where the matte lipsticks were!  But we were disappointed because they seemed sheer.

Inglot 412 lipstick bullet

I don’t know what got to me, I went back to Inglot for the third time to check out the lipsticks.  I’m not sure if it’s just because it was warmer compared to when Becs and I went there, but the matte lipsticks I swatched transferred more opaque on my wrist.

The texture and consistency can be likened to MAC Retro Matte lipsticks. There’s a tug as you swipe it on and it doesn’t have any shine at all.  If you’re a matte lipstick lover, you’d love this. If you hate MAC retro matte lipsticks, this is not for you.

Inglot 412 matte lipstick swipe swatch
I can’t get an accurate swatch, it comes off as Raspberry, but on my face, it’s red.

I checked out the Bright ‘n Matte lipstick collection and of course my eyes gravitated towards the burgundy-ish plum and the bright purple.  But almost immediately, I stopped myself because I already have colors like those and I vowed that I’d only have one lipstick of a particular color at a given point in time.

Anyway, recently, I let go of MAC Viva Glam I.  It’s a gorgeous red but it’s not the red for me.  I wanted a red that will make my heart beat a little bit faster when I see it on my face.  Viva Glam I doesn’t give me that feeling.

I just want to say, keeping only a few things at a time really raised up my standards for lipstick.

Inglot 412

Going back to my story, I left the Bright and Matte area for the non-limited edition reds and saw Inglot 412.  I swatched it on my arm and liked it.

Inglot 412 Lipstick Swatch

I would describe it as a raspberry blue-red.  I haven’t encountered a red like it.  It may not be a true red but it’s the red for me.  Look at 412 along all the other reds and plums.  It sits in that sweet spot that’s not really red red but isn’t berry either.

Screenshot 2014-04-18 19.58.15

It’s a kind of red that’s not blindingly bright.  You can comfortably wear it in the day time but it still gives you the look of wearing a red lipstick. I can’t explain it well but I hope you get me.

The lipstick doesn’t have a lot of transfer — like most mattes — which means, it stays longer than most lipsticks.  If you won’t drink or eat anything, it will stay put.  I drink water every 2 to 3 hours and most of it stays on my lips.  It doesn’t give me the ring lip nor does it feather on me.  But the latter is probably due to how I apply it (which is for another post).

It’s everything I want in MAC retro matte lipsticks but better because it’s cheaper and you have more color choices.

If you’re a matte lipstick lover, check Inglot’s selection.

P.S. Believe it or not I’m wearing 5mm thick eyeshadow on my lids. I tried not to smize in that one photo and I look like I just tight-lined.  On all others it’s like it’s not there. Hahaha.

Inglot 412 Swatch (Sheered Out)
Inglot 412 Swatch (Sheered Out)


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  2. […] of a raspberry than a wine red.  The raspberry-ness is more evident when applied sheer (see here: Inglot 412) but I rarely ever do […]


  3. Ang chaka! Nakakairita yung mga ganun klase na sales lady!
    Anywho, I’ve been always wanting to try Inglot cosmetics! Hindi lang ako nakakadaan ng Glorieta 5 pa and nalulula ako sa dami I don’t know what to get! Siguro it will take me the whole day to decide and shop


    1. Oo, ang hirap pumili kapag madaming pagpipilian 😀


  4. You should smile on your blog photos more often–you look so pretty! 🙂 The lipstick looks good on you. I’m glad you found your red. Oh, and I can relate to eye color not showing up because of my hooded lids. Lol. I hardly bother anymore.


    1. Thanks!

      Pero I’m not ready to give up on my eyes, yet.


      1. Go go go! When you finally do get the trick to making the most of eye colors on hooded eyes, do make sure to share it here, ayt? 😉


  5. I like how purple it is in the photo! Now I want to see how red it looks in person…


    1. I should have swatched it with another red. :p


  6. This reminds me of MAC Heaux! I swear, they almost look similar! Maybe if you mix Heaux with Flat Out Fab, BAM. Hahaha! It looks so good on you! 🙂 That’s my kind-o-color. 😉


    1. I think you’re right. From swatches I’ve seen online, this does look like a dupe for Heaux.


  7. First thing I thought of was how it looked a little bit like Heaux. But even if it doesn’t look like a red in your swatch at all, it’s such a gorgeous color. And I like the sound of it being bluer and cherrier than VG I. Now, I can go to Inglot, specifically ask for this shade and hopefully, not mind the other selections. (It’s so easy to get distracted by their displays and even more difficult to bypass their store altogether.)


    1. I got confused with what color it is. But it was grouped with the reds.

      I feel you with getting distracted.


  8. Gondooo! Pano mo nahanap ‘to? Bakit puro sheer naman yung nakita ko -_- And you’re wearing eye shadow! Patunayan mo yan bukas! :p


    1. Oo nga e. Puro sheer yung nakita natin, dapat pala medyo may pressure.


  9. Love it on you! I havent used my Viva Glam 1 yet so di ko pa alam how I’d feel about it 😉


    1. I wouldn’t let it go but a workmate recently started exploring bright lipsticks and I was too happy to sell her my not so used ones for cheap. I think you’ll like it. I liked it more than ruby woo.


      1. Planning to get Ruby Woo next week! Na-curious ako eh.


        1. Go! It looks great on our skin tone kaso it’s really really bright. Parang, it’s the neon of reds.


  10. I like it!!! You should smile more!!! 😀


    1. Thanks! I do smile a lot in person, and I’m trying to get more of me across that’s why I put that photo up. 🙂


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