Kick off: 20 Days of Foundation Challenge

I’ve been enjoying the installments of Carina’s 20 days of lipsticks so much that I decided to do something similar: with face bases.Foundations

If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that I’m not a daily foundation wearer (includes other face bases e.g. bb creams and tinted moisturizers). Don’t ask why I have 7 ‘foundations’.

I don’t wear foundation partly because I’m reaping the fruits of my labor, i.e., my unfailing dedication to moisturizers, salicylic acid, and tretinoin. My facial skin is far from perfect but I’m comfortable going out wearing only sunscreen (and clothes, of course.) Right now, I alternate between Kanebo Allie Long Keep UV Gel and Sun Play Clear Water — both have SPF50++++.

BUT, if I were to be truly honest with myself, the reason why I’m not wearing foundation (makeup, in general) more frequently is because I’m a mess right now. I’m not saying that women who don’t wear makeup everyday are hot messes. But if you’re someone who actually intends to wear makeup and not be able to do it because you’re going to be late or because you feel like you don’t have time (like I do all the time), that says something. To have a lot on your plate yet still able to put on decent makeup — that is a sign of self-discipline.

So, yeah, I’m doing this.

I did a trial run 2 to 3 weeks back with the initial intention of just using up the stuff I bought and to reward myself with a purchase afterwards. I was able to wear Koh Gen Do Aqua and Maxi Peel Concealing Cream alternately for several consecutive days, so this challenge seems achievable. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t buy that thing I wanted to buy. Good job Rae, for slooowly getting your life together.


Taking from Carina’s 20 days lipstick challenge, I’m going to wear foundation (or tinted moisturizer) for at least 5 of 7 days this week. I don’t have a non-routinary event to go to so I decided that my assigned face base this week is NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.



  1. I usually run out the house sans makeup and just apply the makeup at the office. I am usually 30m early at work and apply make up in less than15… The trainees get scared of me after I but on makeup lol…the dark lippies that are my faves during the time we had some. I want to try tinted moisturizer maybe a Laura Mercier one?


        • I think I’m better with really lightweight bases too. No fuss. I’m ok not getting the exclusive boxes. Naisip ko lang I should not have paid for the August box agad. My money is stuck with them 😛


        • He he… Based on this years’ experience the june box was pretty slow moving unlike the other boxes. Who knew it was Benefit? A lot of girls want to swap that with the August box. Think of it this way. The boxes run out quickly. Usually 1 month in advance.unlike the other beauty boxes. A surprise investment? Hope you get a great box for your first.


        • I subcribe every 3 months, coz i missed out on the Shisiedo box that I soo wanted. Ticked me off, so as vengence I decided to get all the boxes this year. Ha ha ha… Last time they have nice sachets of a new shampoo brand. It did not work for me but Raffy now has commercial worthy hair.


        • I have a 3 month one. I missed out on the Shisiedo box that I really wanted and as vengence I.decided to.get all.the boxes for.2014. Lol. I hope you do get a good box for August. There was a time they had the entire Dove line as a bonus for a box. I ak still using Dove from that box.


  2. For someone who has beautiful skin and doesn’t need a stitch of base, you own a lot of foundies gurl!! Ako kailangan ko talaga ng foundation pero I always just limit myself to 3-4 bottles lang kasi naman, I’m mej tamad to wear it :)) Cant wait to see your entries on this challenge!


    • Yun nga e. I don’t know why. I have a problem Shari. 😦 Pero karamihan naman that catches my interest are the sheer ones. Parang ang weird din kasi if moisturizer tapos colored makeup na agad. I don’t know! I need professional help, haha.


  3. Go Rae! This seems like a fun challenge and I feel like I should be doing all these challenges to push me to use up my makeup but I’m still a mess haha hindi ko talaga kaya kasi gusto ko matulog nang mahaba.


    • Yay! Thanks. I think it’ll help, thinking that I’m not alone 😛 I’m also excited to find out what bases you use. You don’t usually talk about them.


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