Hard Truths: 20 Days of Foundation Challenge (Update for Weeks 3 & 4)

I did it!

It was a struggle for me to finish this. There were days when I didn’t feel like wearing any makeup.

I found out a few interesting things about myself because of this challenge.

I realized that I like wearing makeup when I’m angry. E likened it to war painting. It made sense to me now why I made sure I had makeup on when I raised a complaint at the bank (after finding out that something went wrong with my online account.)

Another thing I realized is that I don’t have the motivation to wear makeup when I’m sad. Hence, the struggle.

WEEK 3: Days 11 to 15

I wore Koh Gen Do Aqua and Becca Luminous Ultra Sheer Skin Colour exclusively. Both of them have SPF.

Inglot 412 Koh Gen Do Aqua OC2

Wearing Koh Gen Do Aqua OC2 (Other stuff on my face: Inglot Lipstick 412, KA Candlelight, Sonia Kashuk Rich Tan, RBR Gracilis)

I didn’t take a photo of me wearing Becca Luminous, but since it’s ultra sheer, maybe I don’t really need to (?). Initial opinion on Becca: I don’t like it because of the scent. It has that mature type of cosmetic scent that I’m not usually bothered by, but because the smell doesn’t go away, I started to hate it. I can smell it ’til I wash it off.

WEEK 4: Days 16 to 20

I wore NARS Sheer Glow mixed with any sunblock I can get my hands on. I didn’t enjoy this mixing business. First, it’s not advisable sun protection-wise. My hand is not a machine–it can’t disperse sun protection pigments evenly in the mix. Second, I’m a lazy person.

I don’t know how I could finish NARS Sheer Glow without dreading the whole makeup application process.


I don’t think I can sustain wearing foundation 5 days a week (but I’ll try). It’s not one of those makeup products that I find enjoyable to put on. (But can I wear bronzer and highlighter on a bare-ish face???)

The two hard truths I have to face are:

One: I can only ever wear two types of foundation on an everyday basis: Liquid Foundations with SPF and Powder Foundations.

Two: I will probably never finish NARS Sheer Glow (and MAC Face & Body and the other foundations I didn’t pick up during the 20-day challenge). I wish SPF wasn’t important.

It sounds stupid to wear foundation everyday for the sole reason of finishing what I bought. It’s the logical thing to do. But really really stupid… oh, the things I bring upon myself.



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  1. Super pretty mo Rae! With or without makeup kaya it’s no biggy. I only wear foundation when I go to events or meetings with clients so I’m like 80-90% no makeup in a month kaya I empty skincare products lang halos. I have a new goal this year, to have only the products that I will use and not buy those raved products if I don’t need them. 😀 save save save for me!


  2. I need to do a challenge like this! All my foundations are unused for many months now since I stop wearing them and facing the world foundation-less. But yeah, a girl’s gotta empty what she has to empty! HAHA 😛


  3. I think it’s a universal gripe of women about over-buying something and feeling forced to use it up. Maybe take it bit by bit? Think of it as concealer or highlighter instead of an overall face thing, and see if that improves your relationship with foundation. I definitely commiserate with those who overbuy and deal with regrets. That’s how I feel about my brushes.


  4. I get what you mean about forcing yourself to use up a foundation. I have a Covergirl 2 in 1 foundation that I loved until I realized that it pulls a bit too pink for me, especially since I dislike blending foundation onto my neck (which just makes my decolletage mismatch more apparent). It’s been sitting on the backburner for a while until I realized it’s expiring soon. Pulling it out and finding ways to make it work has been fun. Even fell back in love with it. Will probably repurchase but in a different color 😀


  5. Oh no, Nars is quite expensive for something you don’t really enjoy using.

    I thoroughly enjoy bases – bb, foundations and powders. I have a ton, I don’t think I can finish. But I don’t really want to stop ’til I find the one! Experimenting is really fun for me 🙂


    • I really like NARS if I don’t have to put sunblock. I like putting only one liquid product on my face 😛

      PS. I’m beginning to think there’s no “the one” with foundations 😀 There are a lot of really good ones.


  6. I agree with Pat. Makeup should never be a “have to” thing. Okay lang naman kahit di ka magmakeup everyday, ganda mo pa rin naman (naiinggit ako)! Yun nga lang, sayang yung mga nabili mo.


  7. I like the reflections after the challenge. It does feel like it’s no longer so fun if there’s a “have-to” factor in makeup. To me, makeup should be fun and maybe more impromptu.


  8. I wear foundation for the sake of using them up! I bought a lot, and I regret it. I kinda like the more natural look lately so I only apply concealer, or only a tiny bit of foundation, and just powder. I still want a little coverage because my skin color is uneven.

    There are really a lot of realizations after doing a challenge. Being an impulse buyer and a hoarder, to name a few (for me!). I need a rehab!


    • And if we’re really being a honest, we already know that, even before doing the challenge, haha. It’s just that you actually see how deep you are in it afterwards 😀


  9. I like your sense of humour Rae.
    It’s quite the challenge to wear it if you dislike foundation this much.
    At least the challenge is over!

    Some suggestions:
    You could premix an amount of sunscreen and foundation in a small pot each week. That way you don’t have to worry about not mixing it well or feeling lazy 🙂

    Another way to wear foundation without feeling made-up is to mix it with your normal moisturiser and apply for a more natural finish.

    I agree re: Becca US being too sheer to bother photographing. But I hadn’t noticed the smell! I will have to check again!

    The Inglot lipstick looks beautiful btw.


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