MAC Studded Kiss and MAC Up The Amp Swatches + How I De-stash

A few people have been wondering (incl. Tellie and Pat) where my stuff goes when I de-stash. Literally, I give most of them away. I don’t do it one go. As soon as I realize that I haven’t been using something that often or if I start feeling like I’m forcing myself to use up a product, I give it to someone else. The sooner I give something away, the more time that someone will have to play with it. Most of the stuff goes to my mom and friends, in either of the following:

If it’s a color that doesn’t work on my skin tone, I usually give it to my mom. What looks good on her usually doesn’t look good on me and vice versa.

If I hear a friend mention that she wants to try a particular product (and it so happens that I own it, and haven’t been using it), I give it to her as soon as we meet.

If I end up not liking something, I give it away to a friend who might like it more than I do. I base it on what I remember them buying.

Sometimes, especially if the product is expensive and barely used, friends would offer to buy it instead. I usually refuse payment if I’m the one who offered to give it them, but If I know that arguing would be futile, I sell the stuff at a really ‘friendly’ price.

I also hold flash sales on Instagram. But that happens very rarely because I’m usually too lazy to deal with haggling, answering questions, and shipping.

There was also a time when a friend/ officemate offered to buy the lipsticks I haven’t been using. She just recently discovered the fun of wearing makeup and I was, coincidentally, ruthlessly de-stashing.

Now, on to the lipsticks. It’s not a ‘throwback’ if I haven’t worn them in any of my internets, is it? (Sorry guys, I need to brush up on internet-y words).

I was cleaning files when I saw photos of me wearing Up The Amp (amplified, permanent) and Studded Kiss (matte, limited edition). I forgot that I was supposed to write about them before I let them go.

MAC Up The Amp


MAC Up The Amp Amplified on NC37 / Stromboli

I bought this because I couldn’t find Riri Boy — and Up The Amp was said to be a dupe, color-wise.

Up The Amp makes my teeth look insanely yellow — I don’t care. I love the color. But at the end of the day, I don’t tend to pick up non-matte lipsticks so I let go.

MAC Studded Kiss (Punk Couture Collection)


MAC Studded Kiss on NC37 / Nars Stromboli

Please excuse the awkward-looking lips and the sloppy application. Can you tell that I tightlined? No? Welcome to my life.

This is one of the stuff I let go of when I decided to keep just one of all lipsticks that basically look the same on my face. When worn, I can’t tell Studded Kiss and Fixed on Drama apart. I chose to keep the latter.

My problem with Studded Kiss is its tendency to move around my lips and clump to specific areas — like that in the photo (the sloppiness was intentional… not!). I hate it when it does that. I want nothing short of even application. Although, I think it’s not the lipstick’s fault — it’s the anatomy of my lips. The new happy owner of this lipstick doesn’t seem to have the same problem.

Other Matters

I’ve been lusting over Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope lipstick line… Help me.



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  2. I sometimes wonder if letting go is a cure to hoarding. It just leaves an empty space that requires to be filled with new products.

    btw, I think its the right choice to give Studded Kiss away as the clumping is very visible in the pictures.


  3. I’ve been wanting to get Up the Amp for some time now, but then again I keep thinking it might look too weird on me. I figured it would look great on lighter skin tones.
    If you have a Mac lipstick you want to let go, please PM me, I might want to buy it from you! LOL but seriously, please do so….

    I’m still looking for a coral lipstick that would suite me. I can’t seem to find a pretty one. I’ve tried a couple of corals from MAC’s permanent line, like Vegas Volt but it looks too bright on me for some reason.


  4. LIPSTICK QUEEEEEN 😦 Ms. D and I were talking about it lang on Twitter two weeks ago ata. Shucks! I want to try at least ONE.

    Up the Amp is the type of lipstick that needs a full-ish look because otherwise, it pulls the yellow out of our skin too much. Studded Kiss on the other hand is beautiful alone! Sayang, patchy siya and doesn’t set. Hate that too.


  5. “I’ve been lusting over Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope lipstick line… Help me.” <– me two weeks ago. Huhu Black Tie and Entourage plzzz. 🙂


  6. Wow. Lipstick Queen. Wow. Just. Wow. And omg Studded Kiss. Huhuhu so purrrttyyyy! ❤ Also, I'm extremely thankful dahil marami akong nakuhang biyaya dahil sa pagde-de-stash mo na yan hihihi


  7. I think your “keep one of each color” rule is pretty cool. I remember your first destashing and the swatches you’re left with look like a wonderful rainbow of happiness ❤


  8. Thanks for writing about this! Haha! Suddenly now I’m going to obsessively stalk you to catch those flash sales! 😛 Did I ever mention that I like the stark contrast of you on your internets with your hair up versus you in real life with your hair down. With your hair up the focus is really on your face, which makes sense because you’re doing beauty blogging.


    • I want to say it’s intentional but it’s not, haha. I take blog photos after a work day, when my hair is usually oily. That’s why I put it up 😀 Incidentally, I’m going to post FOTDs with my hair down in the next couple of posts 😀


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