Makeup Musings + My Challenges With Makeup

Most of the time, I ask myself why I’m even beauty blogging. I already mentioned this here more than once — if you see me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I am running a skincare and makeup-centric blog.

I usually go out wearing just sunblock and a strong-colored lipstick (sometimes, blush).

Lately, I’ve been really trying to do a toned down full face of makeup at least once a week — mainly just to practice applying eye makeup on my hooded lids and partly to use up my stuff.

The biggest challenge for me is eye makeup — a challenge for all hooded/small-lidded women on earth.

Hooded Eye Makeup 3
EYES OPEN | Still haven’t figured out how to take photos of my makeup without it looking washed out. Just believe me when I say there’s a lot of eye shadow there.
Hooded Eye Makeup 4

This is what I have to deal with (see photo above). If I apply eye shadow, I should do it with eyes open. Else, I’ll have to put more than a centimeter thick of eye shadow from my lashes up. It looks too much for day makeup if I fill in my lids up to the point where it can be seen.

Hooded Eye Makeup 1

Another thing, my lids are sooo hooded it covers eyeliner and pushes my lashes down. In the photo above, I’m wearing mascara and eyeliner. You won’t be able to see much of the lashes because my lids fold over the base. Sometimes, when I try to do a wing, it looks so weird because all you’ll be able to see is the ‘wing’ — the rest of the liner would be hidden.

Sometimes I also feel like I’m too goofy for makeup. Do you think there’s such a thing??? (Not sure if goofy is the right term for it.) I know it doesn’t seem like it with the tone of this blog and the pictures I post. But if you’ve me in real life, and if we’re past the awkward phase, you’ll know that I can make a million non-deliberate facial expressions. My husband describes me as “animated” — a nicer way of saying I look like a cartoon character. Once, he told me I look like Agnes (Despicable Me).

When I put on eye shadow + liner. Suddenly, I feel like I’m a different person. The glam-looking version of myself doesn’t quite match me, my clothes, and my mannerisms. I think I should start researching about makeup looks for goofy people.

Hooded Eye Makeup 2

Maybe I’m just thinking too much.


I’ll try doing the ‘one eye shadow look’ using a matte orange or purple eye shadow and see if that’s more my thing.

OK, less yakking and more playing with eye makeup — expect more eye experimentation soon.


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  1. Rae! Haha same here. I only put on makeup when I go to events nga or on a date. Pero most of the time I’m bare faced. Remember how you saw me with 2 friends? =))

    Your makeup here looks so natural pero it made you look more “alive” pero super barely there ha! I’m enjoying reading your blog now pati na din yung kay softlysometimes (dahil sayo)
    it’s not as jaded pa as mine. bonks head

    Text me when you’re in the area I’d really love to have coffee with you πŸ™‚


  2. Hey, I feel like I’m sometimes a little goofy looking but that doesn’t stop me from slapping that makeup on my face haha~ Try bumping up the contrast in your photos using an image editor, I find that helps out with the washed out coloring πŸ™‚

    xx becky // star violet


  3. ay i feel you on the hooded lids problem. minsan support effort ako at blending the eyeshadow colors but when i open my eyes wala na ung effort ko lol. but its okay at least when i bat my eyelashes kita siya for a milisecond πŸ˜›

    btw id like to see more goofy expressions pics from you! i actually had an impression that you’re a very serious girl. and your face sometimes remind me of my other fave blogger from makeupandbeautyblog.


    • Yes! We have similar lids. Puffy and small lid-space. I call that the blink surprise.

      I want to learn how to apply falsies! Para may effect naman. πŸ˜€

      I’ll try, dapat kasi kapag goofy, candid shot. Ang hirap mag-pose. Pero goofy might not be the most appropriate term, I’m more like a cartoon character in the sense that I have a somewhat expressive face.


  4. I feel ya… other half has told me I have the most animated face of anyone he’s ever met……uh, thanks?! My eyebrows are particularly out of control (expression wise) so I suppose a bright lipstick can balance them out…

    I’m not a ‘hoodie’ but have you tried using shadow to line underneath your lower lashline? Then with abit of smoke coming out of your crease, you’d have more eye shadow real estate to play with! (I do this anyway. The more eyeshadow the better)


    • I’m loving the suggestions I’ve been getting from this post. Thanks. I think that makes sense the way I imagine it right now. Must try asap. Again, thanks!!!


  5. Hahaha, I feel ya! If you were to encounter me on the streets, you’d never guess I have a beauty blog because I am so minimal with my makeup. I love that you think you’re goofy and you have an animated face. I wanna see more of that in your fotos! This is the stuff that makes you you and especially endearing to others. Embrace it!


  6. most of the time i feel like im not myself when i have a full face make-up (for occasion) since palagi akong pinapaalalahanan ng “behave” or the usual asar na oyyy dalaga na if i apply eyeliner and smudge it for a light smokey effect on an ordinary late office day hehehe…i hate eye make up, sobrang tricky na most of the time mukha akong may sakit kahit sinundan ko naman ng maayos yung mga simple tutorials ahahaha..i guess blush and lipstick na muna ako


  7. Hooded-eyelids ladies’ unite. Ugh i feel ya Rae. Naiinis ako sa effort ng paglagay ng eyeshadow only to have them covered by them hooded lids. :/ It doesnt stop me from buying all the eyeshadow palettes though (even if it should haha)! I think you just need to intensify and smoke up the edges so they peek through when you have your eyes open. It really makes a difference kahit di kita eh! Cos we dont always just look straight with eyes wide open, we move our eyes a lot and makikita at makikita ang eyeshadow no matter what πŸ˜‰ Like you said pa, youre animated so talagang makikita yun πŸ™‚
    Have you tried purple eyes? Favorite ko yon and I think it’ll suit you well, too!! go to a MAC store kaya and have them try an eyeshadow look on you? πŸ˜‰


    • I have, pero the really bright and vibrant ones pa lang. Yung not office appropriate :p I’ll try something a little bit morw muted para I can put it all over.

      I’ll take your suggestion and it up and outward. I think I did that with the Maleficent look. I just couldn’t remember to do it all the time πŸ˜›


  8. Maganda naman yung eyeshadow mo, very modern. I believe you’re overthinking it. The most madeup I’ve seen you is the Maleficent look, and you look great!!!

    Nevermind kung natatakpan yung liner, mascara and eyeshadow mo. Just do what you feel like doing, then adjust according to what actually happens when you’re wearing makeup. And I don’t think you look goofy! That’s being overly self conscious right there 😦


    • Thanks for the feedback Tellie! That’s really helpful.

      I just feel weird sometimes when I do my makeup the way I see it on youtube. When I look at my face in the mirror, it looks good but it doesn’t quite match my personality.


  9. One eyeshadow eye makeup always look great for hooded lids. I suggest you try a matte rusty-orange type of eyeshadow or something that is grayish-purple … simply apply it all over your lids and blend upwards slightly above your crease area, just enough for it to peek through… then line the outer half of your lower lash line bringing it to a fade towards the inner corner of your eye using the same eyeshadow. You can add a highlight color on the inner corner of your eye if you want… Maybe I should just make a tutorial…LOL


      • @Rae, I can’t think of any eyeshadow brand in particular… but there’s one eyeshadow that I can always get away with for one eyeshadow looks…. it’s the Wet n Wild coloricon single eye shadow in Nutty. the color is very similar to Mac’s Satin Taupe…. for matte naman, I use either Mac Blush in Harmony (yes, I use it a lot for crease work!) and Mary Kay Mineral Eye color in Hazelnut…. I’m actually still on the hunt for a matte orangey eyeshadow, I still haven’t found one that I like.


  10. Feel ko bagay sa’yo ang one-shadow look! Basta kelangan yung intense haha.
    PS. Miss ka na daw ng litol sistah mo. Mag bonding naman daw kayo (pero wag daw akong sasama hahahaha)


    • Hahaha, bakit di ka sasama? Dahil mag-uusap tayo about makeup?

      May ma-rerecommend kang shadow? Baka check ko yung shadows ni Fanny Serrano. Sana meron akong makitang ok.


  11. I remember Becs teasing you the other day, hahaha! If i weren’t able to meet you in person i would have raised my eyebrows right now when you said you look goofy or animated! Your photos say otherwise. πŸ™‚


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