NARS Audacious Jane Lipstick Review and Swatches

When news first came out that NARS is releasing 40 new lipsticks… I was like:

Are any of them matte?


Hmmmm…. K.

But 3 weeks ago, I found myself at the NARS Audacious launch and now we’re here

I don’t know if it’s because the lipsticks are really THAT good or because I didn’t have high expectations, probably both.  I was so blown away by the formula and pigmentation that I can’t NOT get at least one of them.

I was initially interested in Dominique (because that’s the only shade I remembered). But when I tried it on, it looked grayish lavender against my face — not the type of color that brightens up my olive-yellow skin. The SA agreed with me and suggested Anna which I’m currently having a hard time getting an accurate shot of.

Color and Pigmentation

Anyway, I wasn’t going to get another one until January, but in a moment of weakness, I bought my second tube — Jane, described as terracotta rose. I don’t know what color rose is. Against my skin tone, Jane is medium terracotta, a muted orange with brown and red tones.

Nars Audaciou Jane Bullet

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this color in a lipstick before. If you want to ease your way into orange, this is definitely a color to try. It’s very wearable and it doesn’t clash with most of my clothes.

It’s like MAC Taupe‘s orange sister.

Here’s Jane compared to my other orange lipsticks: MAC Lady Danger and Ever Bilena Hot Summer.

Jane is opaque in one swipe. It applies solid and non-streaky. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte is still the lipstick to beat when it comes to pigment, but they don’t have a color close to Jane. Where Bobbi Brown only has one, NARS Audacious has at least 4 shades of a type of color.

Nars Jane MAC Lady Danger Ever Bilena Hot Summer
Top to Bottom: Nars Jane; MAC Lady Danger; Ever Bilena Hot Summer

Finish, Texture, and Longevity

While I usually wear this lipstick blotted down to a matte finish, it’s surprising that I can tolerate wearing it as swiped. I usually prefer my lips to be as sheen-less as possible. I like that these lipsticks don’t feel too wet or heavy.

NARS Audacious Jane Swatch A
NARS Audacious Jane Swatch (Unblotted)

Both Jane and Anna are low-shine satin lipsticks and are blottable. By that I mean, you can smack your lips with a tissue without losing most of the pigment. When I do this with many other satin lipsticks, at least 50% of the color is blotted off.

If you’re a matte lipstick lover, give these lipsticks a shot. I didn’t expect that I would like them. The ones I have aren’t too slippy despite how creamy they are.

NARS Audacious Jane Swatch (Blotted)
NARS Audacious Jane Swatch (Blotted)

Longevity is above average. It can last between meals with minimal to zero fading. Still, the Audacious doesn’t hold a candle to Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte, but again, you can’t compete with the variety of colors that the Audacious line has.

Nars Jane Audacious Arm Swatch

I can see myself buying more: Anita or Vanessa, Michiyo, Angela, and Silvia. I’m not too keen on the reds and plums because I prefer those colors to be super duper matte.

Note: The darkest shades seem to be more glossy and patchy based on reviews.

Nars Jane, MAC Lady Danger, Ever Bilena Hot Summer
Nars Jane, MAC Lady Danger, Ever Bilena Hot Summer

NARS Audacious lipsticks are available locally at NARS counters. They are priced at Php 1,650 in the Philippines. At the Nordstrom and NARS websites, they are prices at $32. I think that pricing is not bad at all for the Audacious considering that the $26 lipsticks and pencils are sold here for Php 1,450.

For reference on my foundation matches, click here: Foundation and Concealer Matches.



  1. This is an old post but I’ll be sharing my experience as well. Jane is my first NARS lipstick. I thought I’m okay with MAC, but when I tried NARS, I think I’ll be a total convert! Corals look good with my yellowish tone and Jane was first on my to-swatch list. When I swatched it, hubby instantly approved as it gives that brightening effect on my face raw (I always ask him to come with me whenever I’m buying lipsticks to make sure he approves the color haha) and I instantly bought it!
    I’m eyeing on Brigitte and Catherine on my next purchase; I usually mix MAC’s Tropic Tonic with Brick-o-La, and hopefully I’d get something from the Audacious line with the similar color πŸ™‚

    Oh and they say NYX Matte in Sierra is the dupe for Jane though I haven’t tried it myself.


    1. I tried NYX Sierra but it doesn’t have the terracotta tones that Jane has 😦


      1. Oh thank you! I was thinking about getting MAC Mocha, it’s not available here in PH though, it’s similar to MAC’s Taupe but a little orange and in Satin formula. I’m planning have a side by side comparison of Jane and Taupe πŸ™‚

        Oh and I just apply Jane by blotting the bullet on my lips, super tipid hehe


  2. It can last between meals – i like the sound of this! ganda ng jane on you rae, prolly skip it cause orangey doesnt look good on me. pero audacious is on top of my radar na talaga. have you seen vera, raquel, fanny, and charlotte? maganda sila? πŸ™‚
    ps. your hair looks extra nice here.


    1. Between meals lang, not after πŸ˜›

      If you find a tester for Jane, still try it out. Oranges and corals don’t look good on me, too. I just gambled on this one because when I saw the tube, it looked like a different kind of orange, like a nuance of orange that could look good on me.


    2. Raquel looks too pale on me, Vera was out of stock when I wanted to swatch it, Fanny looks like a plummy magenta. Wasn’t interested in Charlotte coz I’m avoiding reds.


  3. Unique shade nga! Ako naman I’m wary of these shades – feel ko it pulls out the yellow in me. I’d have to make sure my base is flawless and undereyes concealed to be able to carry this. Pero ikaw, effortless! I like the full-on application – but the blotted down shade looks nice too! Gurl I want to see Anna on you πŸ™‚


    1. That was my concern too. But still, if you find a tester for this, you should try it on. It’s like a claypot orange that’s super duper gorgeous. The brownish red in it somehoow keeps the orange from taking over. Somehow, it didn’t make me extra-yellow, incl. my teeth, which is mindblowing.


  4. I just bought a NARS audacious lipstick a couple minutes ago, but in the color Liv. Can’t wait to try it!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity


  5. I’m not a fan of orange lips anymore but this is such a wearable option! It complements you very well πŸ™‚


  6. Oh wow… that’s BEAUTIFUL! :O

    Must resist temptation… no money… ugh.


  7. YAAAAAAAS. Loving ‘Jane’ on you! I also dislike sheen in my lipsticks (unless it’s a sheer lipstick) and I usually blot too. If I wanted a sheen, I would’ve slapped on a lipgloss, ya know? The prices for these are pretty extortionate, and though I haven’t had a chance to properly swatch them yet, reviews for them have been pretty positive so far. While I want ‘Vanessa’ just for the name, the shade…is kinda…not my taste, L O L.


    1. Haha. I’m lucky I don’t have a name there. Otherwise, I’d buy it eyes closed.


  8. GANDAAAA. ❀ Hahaha ugh I want mooooar.


    1. Yes! Why is it so hard to NOT collect NARS lipsticks. I’ve been eyeing the browns and nudes… a lot of new-to-me-shades there… Oh, and do you have a ‘peach’ recommendation?


  9. I’m glad I found this review from you :3
    I had people say that NARS lipsticks are super dry, which always made me stay away from them…but after this I’m curious about this line. I really like satin lipsticks :3
    Your colours are really pretty and suit you well :3
    Take care*


    1. They are not particularly moisturizing, but I don’t think they can be considered drying. These are definitely more comfortable to wear if you’re not into mattes that much.

      Good luck with school, haven’t seen an update from the blog yet. Must be busy. πŸ™‚


  10. Oh. So this is the big deal. Non-matte with matte pigment, am I right? I still feel ambivalent, maybe because I’m soooooo overwhelmed with the colors. I just want to complete my lipstick rainbow. The selection’s too enormous, I don’t know where to start wanting :))


    1. It is overwhelming esp if you don’t really know what color you want.

      In my case, there are colors I’ve been looking for for so long or colors I wish existed, like a claypot orange = Jane or a mlbb-ish blue pink = Anna


  11. Nice purchase! πŸ™‚ Di ko makaya bumili kasi MAC namamahalan nako! lols. Maybe someday! But this color is perfect for everyday! It kinda reminds me of Happy Skin “Honeymoon Glow”. Parang browny shade? Hehe.


    1. Hahaha, I’m like that with blushes, namamahalan ako kapag above 1k.


  12. Looks amazeballs both blotted and unblotted! Parang more pink when blotted. So lovely and complex. ❀


    1. They look more reddish when blotted — like a claypot πŸ˜€

      It is complex. I’m not even sure if my pictures are accurate πŸ˜› But I really think muted medium terracotta is more or less what it actually is.


  13. I want this. I am so getting this. Next week, push na to. Sana may stock pa pag nagpunta ako 😦


    1. Sa Rustans Makati out of stock na 😦


  14. Looking at the tube, it look liked peachy coral to me so I was I bit surprised! I’m weak at describing colors, but I love its brown-ness. Very wearable indeed. πŸ™‚


    1. It’s really hard yo describe. The most accurate description would be: it looks like the color of a claypot.


  15. It looks amazing on you!! You’re right, not a shade that comes by very often, but it really goes with your skin tone!


    1. It’s really strange. Oranges usually wash me out, this one doesn’t.


  16. Love the write up and the new hair! I’m still planning to get myself an Audacious but not right away, and probably a red or pink. I think that Php1650 is pretty fair since you’ll have to factor in shipping and handling and all that stuff anyway.


    1. You’ll get good value for money from this. You usually sheer lipsticks out if I remember right. Just dabbing this on will give you good color payoff and it’s super easy to sheer out.


  17. Sweet! This could be my first orange lipstick if ever! Thanks for the swatches! Definitely Jane suits your skin tone!


    1. Initially, I thought it might not be the wisest idea to get a color that usually don’t mesh well with my skin tone. But when I tried this on, I was surprised by how good it looked. Maybe this could work for you too. Oh, and it doesn’t make my teeth more yellow than they already are. πŸ™‚


  18. Ganda!!! I am not big on orange lipstick shades pero ang ganda nito parang gusto ko bumili. Hahaha!


    1. True. Really surprised by how wearable this is.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I love how both you and Iana went for these indescribably muted, bit-of-this-a-bit-of-that shades. They look unique yet so wearable. I have no energy to sift through 40 shades at the moment but am enjoying reading about them a lot. Also, hooray for short hair!!


    1. It was a huge risk considering how expensive these are, I was tempted to try just the colors I’m sure would look great on me. But I thought, what’s the point in checking out 40 lipsticks if I don’t try at least one unusual color πŸ˜›


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