MAC Sin Pro Matte Lipstick Review and Swatches

Most dark lipsticks I find are either plum, aubergine, or wine. For the longest time, I wanted a dark red — an on-the-verge-of-drying-out-blood red.

MAC Sin is that type of red lipstick. A less gory description would be: blackened MAC Ruby Woo.

MAC describes this as a deep dark blue red.  I used to have a lipstick in this color — Fixed on Drama, but it’s a limited edition and is described by MAC as a rich wine matte.

In pictures, maybe Sin looks a taaad bluer, but on the lips (and in real life), they’re the same. At least now, I don’t feel as disappointed anymore when MAC decided not to make Fixed on Drama a permanent.

MAC Sin is supposed to be matte. And it is matte. But MAC has a retro matte formula which is a pigment-added-with-the-littlest-amount-of-wax type of matte. I’m happy with that, though, because the latter is my favorite MAC lipstick formula. But if you’re expecting a creamier matte typical of the non “retro” version, you’ll be disappointed. They should’ve classified Sin among the retros.

MAC Sin – Diffused

As with the other lipsticks in the retro matte line, Sin drags along the lips, deposits a solid even color, and has above average longevity (i.e., no fading between meals and stays on unless you eat lard).

When applied with pressure, it’ll look almost black on medium olive yellow skin. I usually just apply it on the center of my lips to a few millimeters away from my lip line, then spread it out with a lip brush. It’ll look like this:

MAC Sin Pro Matte Lipstick 1

I use Sin (and dark reds) particularly when I’m feeling overwhelmed at work — and one of my workmates noticed, Hi G!

Sin gives me an illusion of control, haha (am I the only one left using haha instead of lol?). If I can put on Sin perfectly and keep it from feathering the whole day, I can do EVERYTHING.

Here’s Sin among most of my dark lipsticks:

MAC Sin Pro Matte Lipstick  Swatches 2
MAC Sin Comparison Swatches

See? It’s my darkest red, it has no plumminess at all. ❀

MAC Sin Pro Matte Lipstick Swatches
MAC Sin Comparison Swatches 2

For now, my dark red lipstick need is temporarily satisfied. And until such time that Melt Cosmetics decides to restock 6six6, I’m happy to “settle”.



  1. Beautiful colour Rae.
    I agree with you – certain ‘power’ colours can instil/ inspire confidence and control even when we’re not actually feeling it.
    A strong lip and power shoulders always work wonders πŸ™‚


  2. Because it’s retro matte – CAN’T TALAGA 😦 Love your hair like that, Rae! And grabe naman yung swatches mo – they all almost look the same! Quota na! Says the one who can’t accurately distinguish undertones :))


  3. THIS IS YOUR COLOR!!! And please always let your hair down!!! Ganda! I wanna try this kind of shade, too, and see if it will suit my skin tone! Thanks for the swatches! ❀


  4. I can see the blue in Sin. Probably matters more on people with very cool undertones.

    Looks great on you! I’m just starting to learn that it’s these kinds of shades that suit me, as opposed to the bright reds like Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. Those just make me look like I’m tired and/or trying too hard. The Bobbi Brown you swatched here looks like something I might want to pick up! Thanks for the comparison swatches. πŸ™‚


    • I used to have Ruby Woo and I found it too bright. Bright reds aren’t my thing too.

      If you have to pick just one from the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte line, it’s Crushed Plum. I have a feeling it’s going to be your favorite matte formula.


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