Dupes: MAC Diva VS Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Entourage

I hate to have to say this but–I think I should’ve just purchased MAC Diva for the sole reason that it’s 3x cheaper.

That said, I do not regret getting Entourage because I’m all about the “makeup experience”. I might not repurchase it but I can (still?!) see future me snagging 1 or 2 other shades in the Velvet Rope line.

In photos and in person, Diva and Entourage is exactly the same color.

MAC Diva vs Lipstick Queen Entourage Arm Swatch

(Un-blotted) Left: MAC Diva (matte) Right: Lipstick Queen Entourage (claims to be matte)  |  I’m not bothered by my arm hair. If you are, well, sorry?

The difference, as you can tell, is the finish. Both of them has sheen, with Entourage having much more shine. When blotted, I couldn’t tell them apart.

Diva Entourage

Blotted (Left: Diva / Right: Entourage)

During the first 3 days of the 5-day experiment, I wore Diva on one side and Entourage on the other.

After drinks (no photos), there’s minimal transfer and fading. This surprised me because Entourage is more slippy. I was expecting the latter to fade more.

Diva Entourage 2a

Left – Diva | Right – Entourage

After meals (no photos), there’s no significant difference when it comes to longevity and the manner by which they fade. It’s like I’m wearing just one lipstick.


The way my lips looked, I think it’d be believable if I lied and said that I’m wearing just one lipstick. No one also called me out or asked why I would wear two different lipsticks at the same time.

I was going to continue wearing both lipsticks for 5 days straight but I got bored on the 4th day. I decided on just wearing one of either them on the last 2 days to see which one I really like more.

Diva Entourage 93a

Blotted, Entourage (right) appears more vivid and saturated compared to Diva

Entourage, un-blotted, gives more dimension to the lips. The blue pigment in the latter also tends to sliiightly clump in depressed areas of the lips making them look more plump–like my lips were strategically contoured to look fuller. However, depending on the anatomy of the lips, I have a feeling that it might not give that effect on everyone.

When you blot right after application, Entourage appears richer and more vivid. To get the same effect with Diva, you’d have to swipe, blot, and repeat.

The downside to Entourage is that it needs time to set. If you eat immediately after putting it on, it will fade significantly greater compared to Diva.

I also observed that it’s best to apply and wear Entourage like how you would a lip gloss. You’re only supposed to swipe once, else it will bleed and feather. You’re not supposed to smack your lips after application because it will not look even and some of the pigment will settle at all the wrong places. In other words, Entourage is FUSSY.

On the other hand, Diva appears solid and flat (not in a bad way). It’s also more reliable(?) because it doesn’t move around after application. Although, most people wouldn’t normally associate red lipstick with “low-maintenance”, Diva, for me, is a low-maintenance elegant-looking red.

Now, which one do I like more?

Putting price aside, I don’t favor one over the other.

This color is MY RED, beating both MAC Sin and Inglot 412.

If I had bought Diva first, my review for Entourage might not have been as glowing. Entourage was my first encounter with the type of red that it is. Which is ironic because, it’s very dupable. I guess I haven’t tried as many red lipsticks as I thought I did.

For someone like me who doesn’t like wearing lip gloss, I thank the universe that Entourage exists. Satin and other glossy lip products give me a flat shine which can look somewhat glaze-y and drool-like. Gloss is supposed to give dimension but when your lips are literally flat (and non-pouty) like mine, the shine appears flat too.

Entourage, is the closest thing I can get to achieving the plumper-looking-lips-effect without the wet and heavy feel of a lip gloss. It’s fussy, yes, but not as bad as my experience with most wet lip products.

Diva, on the other hand, is the typical low-maintenance, no-fuss matte that I will always love.

* * *

The type of red that both these lipsticks are will be a staple for me. In other words, this is my fixed cost red lipstick. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope costs too much to be purchased semi-regularly. So, I’m more inclined to repurchase Diva. However, I’m currently trying to wean myself off of MAC. Hopefully, I can find a color dupe in the NARS Audacious line.



  1. for some reason you ultimately reminds me of mac diva. everytime i see it on the store, you and your blog comes to mind 🙂 but yea i agree with bea ive seen a lot of similar looking shades, the cheapest from the wet n wild megalast collection.


  2. They are gorgeous!!! I don’t have a shade like this and I think I’ll be getting one because of this post. Haha! You look great in both (you can’t even see the difference in terms of the shade)! Haha!


  3. Gorgeous colour on you I can see why its your fav red:) Looks so pretty on you! Not a huge fan of mattes myself but for the right colour…why not:) thanks for the detailed comparison too!!


  4. Weaning myself from MAC too. 😉 I think I’ll be trying Wetnwild and NYX for the year 2015. And maybe revlon as well. 😀
    I’m still afraid to go for dark lippies though. 😦 But I’ve recently purchased a dark lip gloss from NYX just to try out darker shades on me.


  5. lol at the not iffy about the arm hair swatch. While I still really do love ruby woo, reds that are not so bright tend to look more sophisticated on me. Less nene looking kumbaga. Cheers to the new year, Rae!


  6. They look nice! I’ll admit that I don’t have too much experience in this department since I only own 1 matte “lipstick” and it’s one of the Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils – super comfortable and easy to wear and apply. But the shade is so pretty ❤ Perfect for winter!
    Take care*


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