Kick-off: The Toss or Keep Series

Before anything else, let me clarify that when I say “toss”, I mean, either sell or give away — not literally toss in the trash, unless the thing is expired.

Last May, I did a foundation inventory.  I had 10 face bases at the time and at some point I was able to bring the number down to 5.

Now I’m back up to 13 (Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation not in the photo):

I thought of doing the project pan strategy where I would deliberately use just one product until I use it all up. But then, I thought, that would take me forever and there’s not enough time before some of these products expire.

I can’t also just choose which ones to keep and just toss everything else away. Believe it or not, I like using every single one of these foundations, some more than others, but still!!!

If there’s a makeup product that I can’t get enough of, it’s foundation. I wish I could have all my foundations loaded with an extra dose of parabens so I could keep them forever.

Anyway, I decided to do it toss or keep style. A mash-up of how Pink So Foxy* (Christine) did her decluttering project + Project Pan.

Christine did a vlog series where she went through ALL of her makeup (literally, she went through them one by one) and decided which ones she would keep and which ones she would give away to family and friends. She might have done several passes before she was able to really trim everything down to a manageable number (e.g., from 100+ lipsticks, she only has around 20 now.)

But as I said, I can’t decide which ones to toss in one go. I have an unhealthy attachment to my foundations because it’s hard for me to find a match (Yeah, I know, it doesn’t seem apparent by the number of foundations I have.)

With Project Toss or Keep, I would use 1 foundation for most of the month and then decide if I’d keep it or not. That way, if ever I decide to toss the product away, at least I get to — uhmmm — bond(?!) with it before we part ways. Maybe it would be easier to let go, too, because I had time to have fun with the thing. Don’t laugh. Please.

I’d be doing this eventually to other makeup products but for now, I’ll just stick to foundations.

For January, I’m doing Becca Luminous Skin Colour because my skin is dry recently and this foundation is quite emollient.

PS. Hmmm, this project seems like it could provide material for some good quality content… If I make a decision before the month ends, I’ll write a review.



    • Pond’s BB Cream has 2 shades: Light and Beige. I use the Beige one. It’s good for medium yellow-toned skin. No ashiness at all. It’s more like a yellow toned tinted moisturizer. It’s not too thick. It doesn’t tug when you apply it. The coverage is low but there’s enough to even out the skin tone. If you have breakouts or really dark circles you’ll have to use concealer for those.


  1. Great idea! I’m having a hard time parting with some of my foundations that I really like but they are just too many of them. Haha! Sometimes I just wanna take off my makeup so I can put some on again so I can use them all. Haha!


  2. Great way to do it! Ive been doing this with my lipsticks too – use a different lipstick every day and at the end of 2 -3 months whatver i havent used are likely the ones I like the least and can part with . Ill sitll have a lot but atleast theyll be ones that Im sure I like!


  3. And I thought I had a lot. Well I DID have a lot but I hope to trim down my stash to just 3-4…..hmmm…ok 5 is fine.

    Good luck with this!


  4. Holy. Thirteen bases? I have something like… eight. (I really should get round to starting up an inventory.) And I feel guilty that I haven’t touched my Jane Iredale BB for ages.

    Also! NARS Sheer Glow or MAC Face and Body? I’m gonna throw out my Bobbi Brown foundation as it’s separating and will need one good for photographs.


  5. I have a lot of face bases simply because I didn’t know how to pick the right one that would match seamlessly (until last year). My base stash is composed of 70% BB/CC/tinted moisturizer and 30% Foundation. And even some of the earlier foundation purchases weren’t 100% on-point in color. Thank goodness I’ve managed to figure out how to mix them.


  6. Oh wow, you definitely are a base addict! I think I have less than 10 but I’ll have to double check. You’re inspiring me to keep it down to five hmmmm.. I’m going to keep track of this series in your blog. Looks like it’s going to be a fun read. 🙂


  7. 13 BASES???? THIRTEEN???(Sidenote, I wonder what would happen if you froze foundation. I mean, that would probably mess up the structure, but it would still be hilarious to see a frozen bottle of foundation, IMO) I do think committing to one foundation a month is a good idea though, and I suppose if you wanted to try to use them up faster, you could take the foundation down to your neck 😀 (jks)


    • Believe it or not, I googled that early last year. Apparently, it will really mess up the texture and consistency, but I didn’t think of putting it in the fridge. Hmmm… Since it’s hot and humid here in Philippines, I might just do that!

      Thanks for the idea!


  8. Great idea! I also collected a lot of bases, and I want to keep them all too. I also tend to use whatever I want for a specific day. I already gave up a lot of bb creams that I rarely use. I should do this too. 😀


    • Juvy, I think you know EXACTLY how I feel about foundations and bases and whatever complexion product (and lipsticks). I like that feeling of choosing and using whatever it is that I feel like using for the day. Pero ang sayang talaga.

      I wish all foundations also come in tiny 10ml tubes, kahit medyo mas mahal by the ml, para I can own and try all the foundations I want. Yan ang ultimate wish ko.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ve been doing something similar, and it hasn’t really helped a lot. My biggest stumbling block is keeping items “just in case” I want to review them. So I’m keeping them because I need photos or an FOTD with it on…

    I know I could just photograph these before the month ends but I live to make my own life harder for myself.


    • Tellie!

      Thanks for sharing that info. I’ll consider it a ‘heads up’ so I don’t do the same, or I’ll write about the thing even without pictures. Haha. I don’t like taking pictures talaga…


    • Ang hirap!!! I’m really getting frustrated with my complexion product obsession. I don’t get it. I’m more interested in face bases now than when my face has acne.


      • Same haha. I used to really not care about bases, but I think it has to do with the satisfaction and rush you feel when a base you try out ticks all of the boxes for a perf base. HAHA. Nakakainis talaga because I don’t even wear foundation that much.



  10. I can understand how we end up collecting so many items :/ either for blog purposes or because “we want that nice thing”, we always end up getting more than what we actually need.
    I only have two bases/foundations right now and I think I’ll keep it in that way. both look nice on my skin and don’t break me out. Same goes with primers (sadly I can’t say it about concealers…)

    I’ll be more than interested in following your progress :3
    Take care*


    • Hi Payal, this one’s more of a tinted moisturizer. The shades are different compared to their main foundation. There’s no Olive in this line, but I’m using Camel. It’s a good match.


  11. Where did you buy Becca? I am gonna try this brand this year! And wow, good thing your skin doesn’t breakout using these different foundations? Do you use them on rotation? Just curious. You know, one at a time lang ang motto ko sa buhay. Haha! Anyway, I am eyeing foundations from Guerlain. I am excited!

    Good project, btw, Rae! #PUSH


    • Hi Laarni, I bought it at Adora in Greenbelt 5. I don’t breakout with these, thankfully. I just use whatever I feel like using for the day.


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