Purple and Mauve Lipstick Collection Swatches

If your skin has a lot of yellow and green in it and you haven’t tried purple lipsticks yet — what are you waiting for?

I used to shy away from purple-toned makeup before.  I was told that when your skin has yellow tones in it, you’re supposed to be warm-toned and your skin will look good with warm colors like browns, corals, and oranges.  In general, the latter colors dim my skin, so NO.

Purple Lipstick Collection

L-R: Inglot 411, 4U2 SHY 03, MAC Heroine, Inglot 422, Velourlips Tok-I-O

I look better in colors that are blue, mauve, or purple-toned.  I think there’s logic behind this.  Purple is opposite to yellow in the color wheel, and whatever is across a particular color in the color wheel makes the other color pop out more.

Anyway, I was supposed to do this inventory with the objective of choosing which lipstick(s) I could let go of.  With my purple lipsticks, I decided to keep everything.

Inglot Matte Lipstick – Shade 411

I waited since October 2014 for Inglot to restock this lipstick.  Finally found one at Megamall last March.

Inglot 411 is a true mauve — a medium muted greyish, slightly pink, lilac/purple color.  I think it’s unique.  The closest I can think of are NARS Dominique (on Carina), which is overwhelmingly grey on my face, and Chanel L’Adoree (on Elaine), which is a little bit more berry-toned. [Inglot, Php 895]

Inglot 411 Matte Lipstick Swatch

Inglot 411 Matte Lipstick Swatch

4U2 Sexxy Me Lusty Matte Lipstick – SHY 03

Name of this lipstick line = BARF.

I found out about 4U2’s matte lipsticks from Monika‘s instagram. Check her out, I love her drugstore lipstick finds.

SHY 03 is probably the most wearable of my purple lipsticks.

4U2 Matte Lipstick - SHY 03 Swatch (Unblotted)

4U2 Matte Lipstick – SHY 03 Swatch (Unblotted)

4U2 SHY 03 Matte Lipstick Swatch

4U2 SHY 03 Matte Lipstick Swatch

It’s similar to Estee Lauder Stay Mauve specially when I blot off the shine.

Estee Lauder Stay Mauve Dupe 4U2 SHY 03 Swatch

LEFT: Estee Lauder Stay Mauve | RIGHT: 4U2 SHY 03 (darker and has more purple)

I recommend this to people who want to try purple but do not want to fully commit. [Watsons, Php 314]

MAC Heroine

If I can only keep one purple, I would choose MAC Heroine.  It makes me happy.  It’s an undeniably purple color that doesn’t give me a mean look, I think.  See it on Juvy here: MAC Heroine[MAC Stores, Php 1,000]

MAC Heroine Lip Swatch Blotted

MAC Heroine Lip Swatch Blotted

Inglot Matte Lipstick 422

422 is a medium lavender purple. I haven’t worn this lipstick on its own. I usually use it as a lipstick modifier aka the lipstick I mix with other lipsticks to create a different color. I should do a separate post on that.

Inglot 422 Matte Lipstick Swatch

Inglot 422 Matte Lipstick Swatch

I bought this lipstick by mistake. The lighting at the Inglot store made it look like it could be a dupe for MAC Riri Boy, but it’s not. [Inglot, Php 895]


Velourlips Matte Lip Cream TOK-I-O

When Velourlips had a 50% sale in what I think is a store similar to Watsons in Australia, Payal bought a few lip creams and sent them to me.

TOK-I-O is very similar to Inglot 422 on my face and is very VERY matte.

Velour Lips TOK-I-O Swatch

Velour Lips TOK-I-O Swatch

All together now…

Purple Lipstick Collection

Purple Lipstick Collection

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P.S.  Are you bothered by those stray strands of hair? I was, too, for a time 😀

0 thoughts on “Purple and Mauve Lipstick Collection Swatches”

  1. Mac Heroine does look great on you! I’ve been thinking of getting that but then again, I won’t ever get to use that shade often. I’m planning to get Mac Taupe because of you. LOL

    1. There are purple lipsticks that doesn’t do that. Heroine is one of them. There’s a cheaper dupe, though. Yung Grind nang Colour Pop. I’ll get that instead when I’m done with Heroine.

  2. auxiliary beauty

    I burst out laughing at “4U2 Sexxy Me.” That has to be the worst brand name I’ve ever heard.

    Anyway, I’m a longtime fan of purple lipsticks, too! The first one I tried, which is still my favorite, is MAC Up the Amp. I think you’d like it–it looks like a cross between Heroine and Inglot 411. And I agree that the lipstick colors one “shouldn’t” wear, based on one’s skintone, can be surprisingly flattering. I assumed for the longest time that I shouldn’t wear orange anything, but I’ve found that the right shade of orange looks great on me.

    1. MAC is coming out with a new matte lipstick — Men Love Mystery which is said to be the same color as Up The Amp but in matte formula. I might get that one instead 😀

  3. I don’t really own any purple lipstick…the closest I have is Etude House’s dear my wish lipstick in RD302 and Kiko’s ace of diamond lipstick in 34.
    I don’t tend to reach for this shade because it wouldn’t suit my style :c

    But they look nice on you :O Specially Inglot’s!

    1. I hear you on style. That’s how I feel with nude lipsticks sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I should wear something ‘girlier’ and I don’t have a lot of those kinds of clothes.

  4. Awww, thanks for the mention! I love how fearless you are with purple. I loled at the 4U2 Sexxy Me name – so cheesy 🙂
    Inglot 411 and MAC Heroine get my vote – Shy is also lovely, just not matte enough for my liking!
    Ok, I’m off now to stray into uncharted territory and go try me some purple!

  5. OMG. Purppppllllleeeeee!!!! 😀 I like Heroine best in this lineup, though personally I don’t think I can pull off purple lips just yet, much as I love the color.

  6. HAHAHHAHA the 4u2 name is a little ew. I love purple on me too! It just looks good on me. Orange doesn’t. Like any shade of orange. That’s why I don’t listen to the warm-toned rules blah blah blah.

    1. True and mahirap din if you mostly do bridal makeup. I’m pretty sure, it would be hard to find a bride or a bridesmaid who’d want to wear Heroine.

  7. Inglot 411 looks beautiful! I want! Is it matte/drying? 4u2 is also very pretty on you…. How is the staying power? I’m excited to see mac MLM on you – i tried UTA and it looked too light on me, like i was sporting a freezin-to-death look

    1. It’s super matte and very dry, drier than MAC retro mattes, I think.

      Kinakabahan ako sa men love mystery. I feel like it lies in that sweet spot between a good lavender purple or a color that can wash me out.

    2. Forgot about 4U2, staying power is above average. I usually blot off the moisture with a facial tissue because I want it really really matte.

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