Nude Lipstick Swatches feat NARS and MAC

I didn’t realize that I had more nude lipsticks than any of my lipsticks in other color groups.  All of my nude lipsticks are very recent acquisitions.  I recently got interested in them the same time I got interested in wearing non-neutral eye shadows.  I found it difficult to experiment with eye colors when all of my lipsticks are either bright or really dark.  Shout out to Romzs because her FOTDs partly got me into this (here she is wearing NARS Raquel).

For purposes of this post, ‘nude lipstick’ means pale/pale-ish lipsticks that I can’t wear with a bare face.  Also, same as the recent lipstick inventory posts, this is a Toss or Keep-type thing.  For reference on my skin tone, click here: My Foundation Matches.

Nude Lipstick Collection

Nude Lipstick Collection

NARS Audacious Barbara

I’m starting with my current favorite nude.  I think it’s the palest of my lipsticks. NARS describes Barbara as a tan rose.  On me, it’s a light pink-toned beige (I don’t know if that’s what tan rose means).

NARS Audacious Barbara Swatch

NARS Audacious Barbara (Blotted)

NARS Audacious Barbara Swatch

NARS Audacious Barbara (As Applied)

I always knew I would find my nude in the Audacious line and I regret not going there first.

Verdict: Keep (got it for Php 1,650 at Rustans)

NARS Audacious Vanessa

Vanessa looks like it would be a good natural-looking on people a shade later than me.  Vanessa lies between nude and mlbb on my skin tone.  NARS describes it as mauve nude.  On the tube, it is.  But my face cancels out the mauve sometimes.

NARS Audacious Vanessa Swatch

NARS Audacious Vanessa Swatch (As Applied)

NARS Audacious Vanessa Swatch

NARS Audacious Vanessa Swatch (Blotted)

Verdict: Keep (got it for Php 1,650 at Rustans)

MAC Faux

This is what I thought MAC Pink Plaid would look like on me.  MAC describes it as a muted mauve-pink.  On my skin tone, it’s an almost-milky light mauve-pink.

MAC Faux Swatch (As Applied)

MAC Faux Swatch (As Applied)

MAC Faux Swatch

MAC Faux Swatch (Blotted)

Verdict: Keep
(Php 1,000 at MAC; got mine for $18.xx at Duty Free. Thanks Cheche and Elisa for picking this up for me.)

MAC Brave

I got this lipstick from Ms. D.  We occasionally swap lipsticks and I remember her calling the swapping thing as the “makeup cycle”, or something similar to that.  If you haven’t tried it yet, swap your not-so loved lipsticks with those from people you trust, it saves money and fosters friendship.

MAC Brave Swatch

MAC Brave Swatch

MAC Brave Swatch

MAC Brave Swatch

I knew I would like Brave even before I got it.  I used to have Maybelline Warm Me Up.  It’s an exact color dupe without the white pearl.

MAC describes it as a pink-beige with white pearl.  But, I think Faux is more beige.  Brave to me is a light muted blue-toned pink.  Sometimes, when I build it up, the “pearl” ends up looking white and washes me out so I usually just apply one coat.

Verdict: Keep
(Php 1,000 at MAC/Rustans, got my tube as a gift)

MAC Oxblood

This is one of my least liked nude lipsticks.  With the right blush and eye makeup, it can look ok on me.  But most of the time, I just don’t feel it.  It is accurately described as light peachy nude.

MAC Oxblood Swatch

MAC Oxblood Swatch

MAC Oxblood Swatch

MAC Oxblood Swatch

I just don’t like peaches in general.

Verdict: Toss
(Limited Edition, got mine from a beauty exchange group)

Comparison Swatches:

Comparison Swatches Nude LipsticksComparison Swatches Nude Lipsticks (2)


I realized that most of my nude lipsticks are not matte.  I would prefer matte lipsticks but most pale matte lipsticks make my lips look like they’re about to crack.  Interestingly enough, the really matte ones, like MAC retro matte and MUFE, do not do that.

Let me know which are your keeps.

Oher stuff on my face:

  • NARS Sheer Glow – Stromboli
  • Anastasia Brow Duo Powder – Granite
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (the black one)
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette – The Sophisticate
  • M&S Blush – Damson
  • Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight
  • Ever Bilena Blush – Amethyst

0 thoughts on “Nude Lipstick Swatches feat NARS and MAC”

      1. My initial reaction with Nars Audacious Barbara was, “God, that’s beautiful.” I am still looking for my perfect nude. All nudes that I have register very pink to my lips. Ugh

  1. BUT I love the Oxblood on you! Too bad it’s L/E, I wanna try it, too, on myself! Thanks for this entry, Rae! Instant saved! And I am loving your eye makeup here!

  2. Bagay sayo mga nude colors! I love the ox blood. I’m not sure kung sa photos lang ba since you hate peachy colors pero bagay talaga sya sayo. I like it better than Barbara and I love Barbara ha.

    1. Thank you!

      In person, Barbara looks better. Oxblood really washes me out and makes my lips look really dry. Also, the latter makes my teeth look extra yellow. 😛

  3. I’d never understand why they named that one Oxblood! LOL When I have a nude lipstick that totally does not work on me, I dab some brighter lipstick over it such as red, pink, or coral, and sort of make my own gradient lips. It works well and I get to keep the lipstick! 😀

    1. I get overwhelmed when I see lots of products not getting enough love, haha. I almost immediately let go of stuff once I notice that I haven’t been picking them up 😀

  4. I would keep the 2 NARS though I agree, Vanessa is toeing towards MLBB. I think Brave and Faux are a bit too cool in a way that they don’t look nude anymore. Oxblood looks great, but it changes your face a lot and might be hard to wear without much time to think about the rest of the face.

    1. Oxblood looks ok when I also apply it on the cheeks 😛 But it still needs eyeliner and mascara and eyebrows and eyeshadow… Too much work to keep.

  5. Good thing i stumbled upon this blog. I was just thinking on getting mac brave as ive just finished my tube of mac cosmo. I might try nars vanessa instead. Looks pretty on you!

    1. Yay, if you’re based in Makati, it’d be easier to compare! Magkatabi lang NARS and MAC 😀

      I think I like Vanessa more because it doesn’t have silver shimmers.

  6. All of them look awesome, especially the NARS ones! I do think that the MAC Oxblood won’t look as good on me though. I should start investing in good matte nudes. I mostly have glosses here that I can’t blot. 😛

  7. I like Vanessa on you! ganda! I love peach lippies, in case you’re planning to sell it, let me know! 😀 I have the warm me up shade na maybelline and super fave ko siya! I’m happy na may dupe pala siyang MAC. I’m waiting for MAC Twig lippie that I ordered, based on photos, I like the shade. I hope it’ll work on my skin tone.

  8. Wow, ang ganganda ng mga shades parang lahat sila parang natural kaya lang sobrang mahal hihi. Type ko yung Oxblood, hmmnnn interested ako bumili

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