A Review of Biore’s Makeup Removers*

*While I was not compensated for this post, the products featured were sent to me for PR consideration.

Some of Biore’s makeup removers* are finally here! I was a little disappointed that the makeup cleansing milk I once bought from a Taiwanese grocery store is not included in the makeup remover line launched recently. But I’m happy with the products that Biore made available.

I received this lovely pink bucket of makeup removers two months ago and here’s what I think about them (in order of what I like most):

Biore Makeup Removers 1

Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes

I wasn’t looking forward to using this at all. I’m not particularly fond of makeup remover wipes and I dislike cleansing oils. But, I was blown away the first time I used this.

One of the reasons why I don’t prefer makeup wipes is because I find most of them greasy-feeling (I’m looking at you, propylene glycol) or are not wet enough. I was pleasantly surprised that the sheets of the Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes have the perfect amount of wetness — soaked but not dripping.

Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes 1

Also, despite being a “cleansing oil” wipe, it doesn’t feel like there’s oil in it at all — in a good way. The sheets feel more like they’re soaked in micellar water and not cleansing oil. I tried using it without rinsing afterwards and my skin felt velvety rather than oily. There’s definitely no heavy-greasy feel with these wipes. I would be good cleaning my face with just this to keep the velvety-ness, but I’m too paranoid not to double-cleanse.

My whole face on a cleansing wipe. I don't wear a lot of makeup.

My whole face on a cleansing wipe. I don’t wear a lot of makeup.

Another thing to like about this is the sheet itself. It is quite unique. It’s thick, soft, insanely smooth, and fluffy(?). It doesn’t get easily torn apart despite how hard I wipe my face.

One sheet is enough for my whole face. But on most days, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. It can remove waterproof eye makeup but you need to hold it for a few seconds before wiping out everything. Too bad I don’t have a Majolica Majorca mascara to test how good this is. For people who apply heavier makeup, I imagine that two to three sheets would be needed.

Left = One Swipe With the Makeup Remover Wipe, Right = With Makeup

Left = One Swipe With the Makeup Remover Wipe, Right = With Makeup

The thing I dislike about this is the price. A packet of 10 sheets costs Php 99 (almost 10 Php /sheet). I might not repurchase this for daily makeup removal, but I’d remember to pick one up for travel.

Biore Cleansing Oil

As I mentioned, I dislike cleansing oils. So I didn’t expect to like this. Most of the cleansing oils I’ve tried are too heavy for my liking. When I use cleansing oils, I feel like my skin is suffocated to a point where my face sweats and the oil emulsifies before I even wash my face. Biore Cleansing Oil doesn’t do that.

I used this once all over the face and it was easy enough to rinse. But I stuck to just using it for removing lipstick and eye makeup. I didn’t experience any untoward reaction on my face but I am still not comfortable putting oil all over and getting it on my hairline (difficult to rinse = might eventually break me out).

Biore Cleansing Oil

The green apple scent helped a lot in my liking this. It certainly adds to a pleasant makeup-removing experience.

I received a full size bottle (with pump) and 2 smaller flip cap ones. One of the latter I gave to my friend and volunteer Scatterbraintures correspondent, Cheche. She’s happy to report that she can use the cleansing oil without having to ‘second cleanse’ afterwards. Based on her experience, no makeup residue appears on her toner-soaked cotton pad after cleansing with the oil.

Biore Cleansing Oil did not make me a cleansing oil-convert but I am considering purchasing it because my current eye makeup remover, a bi-phase formula from Laneige, is very expensive. The 150mL bottle of the Biore Cleansing Oil costs Php 299.

Biore Micellar Water

Despite being my least liked of the three, the micellar water is actually good. It just didn’t wow me, having tried so many different brands and realizing that they’re not significantly different from each other. They all seem to perform more or less the same, cleaning-performance-wise.

Biore’s micellar water is not the cheapest by the milliliter (Php 189 for 90mL). I believe it’s in the mid-range relative to other micellar water products in the market. It’s still worth trying though, especially if you’re like me who sometimes gets bored with using the same implements (e.g., facial cleansers) over and over. I’ll still include this in my rotation since it didn’t dry my skin out nor irritate my eyes. The label said not to use it when your contact lenses are on, but I did, and I didn’t experience any irritation (thankfully!). As with most micellar waters, this can’t remove water proof mascara and eyeliner as swiftly as a bi-phase formula would, but it works great to loosen up makeup.

Biore Micellar Water Review

I’ve seen Biore makeup removers at Watsons (inside The SM Store), Landmark, and PCX.

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  1. I also wanted to add, that unlike any other cleansing balms/oils I’ve tried, the Biore cleansing oil doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on skin. Tamang feeling fresh lang. 🙂 Thanks for letting me try this Rae! Pinapagamit ko din to kay Ayen pag minemakeupan ko xa sa office. Bet nya rin. 🙂

  2. The Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes looks nice. Biore is sold here, but I don’t think these versions are available. I think it’s the cutesy asian version. I’ll look for something similar!

  3. I have the micellar water. I agree, it doesn’t really remove waterproof makeup.. but I quite like the scent (parang pandan water? or how I would expect how Japanese cleansers would smell hehe).

    Which reminds me, I have to make a review of it pa. Haha!

  4. I tried the cleansing wipes and cleansing oil. The cleansing wipes smells different for me, parang chemical scent imbis na citrus hehehe. The cleansing oil caused me break out, lately ko lang naman when I stopped using it. After that, wala nang tumubong bumps. I want to try the micellar cleansing water next time.

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