My First Lipstick: Ever Bilena Mirrored Mocha

The first “real lipstick” I bought was Ever Bilena Mirrored Mocha.

It was 2012 and I thought I was already lipstick-crazy back then. If only 2012 me saw present me — nearly four years later, swimming in 59 lipsticks — 2012 me would smack myself in the head. 59 might not be much by lipstick blogger standards, but STILL.

MAC Taupe

I don’t have Mirrored Mocha anymore and I never repurchased it after it broke. I wish I was already blogging about lipsticks in 2012 so I can show a few swatches, but the closest to it that I can think of are MAC Taupe (above) and MUFE Rouge Intense Mat 3 (below).

MUFE Rouge Intense Mat 3 Swatch A
MUFE Rouge Intense Mat 3 Swatch


  1. omg!! i should not miss this!!
    i am so addicted to lipsticks right now so i’m excited there might be new shades that i would be interested in ❤

    YouTube: Reina Tsukada


  2. LOL at “swimming in 59 lipsticks” 😀 MUFE Mat 3 looks darker on me. Maybe because darker yung complexion ko sa’yo?


    1. Ang weird. I would think it would look paler on you. Baka meron kang undertones that make the lipstick darker.


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