Favorite Lipstick Brand

Day 7: Favorite Lipstick Brand
20-Day Lipstick Challenge

I thought choosing my favorite lipstick brand would be as tough as choosing my all-time favorite in Day 1 of the 20-day lipstick challenge, but it was an easy decision. However, I feel very conflicted with my choice: MAC.

MAC Lipsticks.JPG

MAC Lipsticks!

I say this over and over — I really REALLY love matte lipsticks, and MAC’s matte lipsticks are all that I need if I’m not as interested in trying out shiny new stuff.

MAC has two matte lipstick lines that are actually matte. The brand has more than enough colors to choose from. The quality, finish, and texture are consistent across the line (at least for the permanent collection). I know they’re not cheap, but compared to matte lipsticks from luxury brands that leave me feeling ~meh~, MAC offers the best price for the quality.

MAC matte lipsticks also have a very long shelf-life. I have a tube manufactured in 2010 and to this day, it still looks, smells, and applies the same as when I first used it. I know I should already be tossing it out, but I go by my senses when it comes to lipstick viability.

So, why am I conflicted? Two reasons:

  1. I discovered a lot of new matte lipstick formulas from other brands that blew me away.
  2. MAC has become so ubiquitous that it doesn’t make me feel moved anymore (whuuuuut?!?!), or maybe I just zoned out from the number of limited edition releases in recent years. It’s like there’s a new limited edition collection every week! WTF. Is this mere jaded-ness?

That said, MAC is MAC. It holds a special place in my heart. It’s the brand that takes up the most space in my lipstick storage. If someone new to lipsticks were to ask me for a brand recommendation, it’s the brand I would suggest.



  1. I still haven’t tried anything from MAC as I’m trying to buy less but there’s just so many tempting items I don’t know where to start.


    • You and me both! This year I’m determined to buy less.

      If you’re decided on getting at least one MAC lipstick, let me know what your preferred color and finish are, maybe I can suggest a few shades you can check out


    • Pinag-isipan ko yan. Tapos, I realized that the creamy matte line is the only lipstick line I like and own from Bobbi Brown. With MAC, mas madami akong options, matte, retro matte, and the pro longwear lipsticks. I can tolerate satin, too. Tapos magkakaron na ng liquid matte lipsticks. Big factor din yung price. Ang mahal ng bobbi brown e.


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