Lipstick Colors I Wouldn’t Wear in Public

Day 8 – 20-Day Lipstick Challenge

I call these colors, modifiers. They’re not the most flattering shades when worn alone, but I keep them because they expand my lipstick collection.

I keep two types of colors as modifiers. A cool-toned purple, like Inglot 422, and the other is a concealer-like shade, like Happy Skin Too Cool.

Inglot 422 Lip Swatch
Lip Swatch – Inglot 422

I use Inglot 422 to mauve-ify or berry-fy neutral-toned lipsticks. Sometimes, I use it to create unique shades. Who knew Inglot 422 and a terracotta orange could work.

Happy Skin Too Cool Moisturizing Matte Lippie
Happy Skin Too Cool – Swatch on the face and cheeks.

On the other hand, I use Too Cool to mute down bright colors, or slightly lift dark lipsticks.

Here’s an example:

Happy Skin Best Date Ever + Too Cool Lip Swatch
Franken Lips: Happy Skin Best Date Ever + Too Cool

In the photo, I mixed Best Date Ever (see The Beauty Junkee’s lip swatch for reference) with Too Cool to create a blue-toned soft pink shade.

I’ll share more of my favorite lip color combos next week.



  1. I wish I knew a lot about lipsticks! Buti na lang andito ang blog mo, andami ko natututunan. Hindi ako ma-make up na babae, pero basta may kulay ang lips ko, confident na ako lumabas ng bahay. 🙂


  2. Modifiers pala tawag dun. Hehe. I have one I use to darken lipsticks and also a nude one that makes me look sickly. I have to mix the nude with a pink to give it an ombre effect, thus making it look acceptable.


  3. Super love concealer shades. They might look pale, but they’re perfect on you!


    1. Thank you. When I become a little more skilled in applying eyeshadows, I’d try wearing it on its own.


  4. Hi Ms. Rae, You’ve definitely found a blog reader/fan in me! Gaaahhhh, I’m a lipstick lover too, matte ones! So when I saw/read your blog, I am instantly hooked!!! You write and describe lipstick as if you have memorize the perfect adjectives for them. Hehehe! You are an inspiration! ♥


    1. Awww. Thank you, Cali. I really appreciate it.


  5. I wonder if Style Icon and Too Cool have the same shade? I can’t use Style Icon on its own too, I have to mix it with a darker nude to lift the color or with brighter pinks to tone them down.


    1. Style Icon is pinker. I think Pop the Question is closer to it.


  6. Modifiers! Yes! I wear Too Cool for Ombré effect. I can’t wear this on its own too! Hihi. I love that purple though!


    1. Hahaha. Aabangan ko yung Ombre day ng challenge na ‘tp


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