Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color in Mink Lipstick Review

Day 13: Summer Lipstick Color
20-Day Lipstick Challenge

Laura Mercier is the one makeup brand that I should’ve checked out sooner. I got an itch to try the brand’s assortment after back-reading The Beauty Bee Blog and noticing Iana’s seeming obsession with Laura’s makeup line. I’m not exaggerating! Iana actually wrote about this slight obsession.

On Dinna and Bea‘s recommendations, I decided to get one of the Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colors, which turned out to be my favorite lipstick find in 2015.

These are no ordinary lipsticks. The Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colors are wax-free, but unlike some wax-free matte lipsticks I tried last year, these have a true matte finish.

Note: Not all lipsticks in the Rouge Nouveau line are matte. There are 4 finishes. The first letter of the shade name tells you which finish the lipstick is: S=Sheer, M=Matte, C=Creme, P=Pearlized.

The name of the lipstick best describes it, weightless. This is the most lightweight lipstick I’ve ever tried–ousting Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution off the top of my list. The weightlessness is up to a level that makes forget that I’m wearing lipstick. I can’t count the number of times I touched my lips only forgetting that I have lipstick on.

Laura Mercier Mink

In terms of longevity, it’s not the worst, but it’s definitely not the stay-on-forever type of lipstick. It transfers a little bit, but since it’s thin, it doesn’t make much mess.

What’s interesting with me actually liking this lipstick is that it’s sheer. I usually hate sheer formulas. I find it hard to get sheer lipsticks to apply evenly. They usually clump in cracks and cling to dry areas. I don’t know what magic is in this lipstick, but it applies to a beautiful, even-looking, non-opaque stain.

It’s also easy to put on. It doesn’t tug, and given that it’s sheer, it can be applied without using a mirror. If you’ve ever wished for a fuss-free lip stain in standard lipstick format, this is your wish come true. This is the lipstick I would recommend to people who don’t like wearing lipstick.

If color payoff is a deal breaker for you, don’t write this off just yet. I have good news: the lipstick is buildable…and because I am me, I rarely apply just one layer. I build it up to the opacity as shown in this photo (around 3 layers):

Even with 3 layers, it still feels like nothing. This is what makes the lipstick perfect for summer. You won’t get that tacky feeling typical of wax-based lipsticks during hot and humid days. Color had little to do with it being my summer lipstick, tbh.

I initially planned on getting either Myth (plum rose) or Muse (berry red), but I already have a lot of those types of colors so I went home with Mink, a brick red. The color is similar to MAC Chili, but brighter and less “burnt”. When I lose my tan, it can look strawberry red (as in the photo). I love the color, but if I had known better, I would get Myth instead. If I had bought the latter, it could’ve stripped Bobbi Brown Tawny Pink the title of being my “All-Time Favorite Lipstick”. Seriously.

I bought Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color at Rustans for Php 1,100. At Nordstrom it’s $25.

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  1. “On a human with medium-olive skintone” :)) It swatches differently on the lips I can see. At first glance it’s a little orange on the arm but looks like as you said a little strawbery on you 🙂

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