MAC Twig Dupes and Swatches

I am at a point where all my makeup sparks joy. But I am in the process of moving to a much smaller space, which means, I have to find a more restrictive destashing criterion. I’m considering the nitpicking method, where I would literally nitpick over negligible details to determine which stuff I’d let go of.

Here’s what I’m dealing with–four lipsticks of the same color (a muted neutral brown pink, or is it pink brown?).


Do they spark joy? Most definitely, YES. (I guess that’s why I have more than one of them.)

I went crazy trying to decide which one to keep and got annoyed with my seeming attachment to inanimate objects. I should’ve just place them all in a pouch bag and do the selection draw lots-style.


Here are my thoughts on Twig’s color dupes.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Touch of Spice (PhP 299)

Touch of Spice is a hair darker and a tad more fig-toned compared to all the other 3 Twig-y lipsticks. On the lips, the difference is unnoticeable.

Maybelline Creamy Matte is a silicone-based matte lipstick formula. As opposed to wax-based lipsticks, silicone-based mattes have a flat matte finish but are relatively easy to apply. If one of the first 3 ingredients end with -one or -ane, the lipstick is most probably silicone-based.

I don’t find it drying, but then I have a high tolerance for ‘drying’ lipsticks. What I notice though is that, when layered, it feels like beef lard on the lips.

Pink Sugar Matte Lipstick in XOXO (PhP 399)

I bought this as one of my gifts to my mom for mothers’ day, but she prefers stronger lip colors so she gave it back to me knowing that I’d like it. (I swear to you, I didn’t buy this for me, haha!)

I was so excited to try it on only to find out that I have 3 other lipsticks like it. It looks more nude on the tube. It is actually a fourth of a shade lighter (don’t ask how I measured that!).

Anyway, the formula is wax-based and similar to, if not identical with MAC’s matte lipsticks. Think of XOXO as a matte version of MAC Twig.


L-R: Inglot 410, Pink Sugar XOXO, MAC Twig, Maybelline Touch of Spice

L-R: Inglot 410, Pink Sugar XOXO, MAC Twig, Maybelline Touch of Spice

Inglot Lipstick in 410 (PhP 895)

If Pink Sugar XOXO is the matte version of MAC Twig, Inglot 410 is the retro matte counterpart, which happens to be my favorite MAC lipstick formula–bone-dry, tuggy, and devoid of ANY shine. If you need moisture on the lips, this is definitely NOT for you.

All of these lipsticks apply evenly and are opaque.

I ended up keeping Inglot 410 because of the formula. The drier the better!


What do you think?

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