Toss or Keep: MAC Sin, Inglot 412, MAC D for Danger, and Estee Lauder Commanding

I’ll give Marie Kondo a run for her money once my book comes out titled The Life-Changing Magic of Using The Candy Crush Technique in Letting Go of Lipsticks.

The Candy Crush Technique is when you group lipsticks by color and wait for them to explode and choose JUST ONE lipstick from each group.

My red lipstick destashing project is on-going, and so far, I’ve found 2 pairs of lipsticks that have the same-ish color.

Inglot 412 and MAC D for Danger

Can you tell them apart?

Swatches -- Top: Inglot 412 | Bottom: MAC D for Danger
Swatches — Top: Inglot 412 | Bottom: MAC D for Danger

The swatches on the back of my hand look slightly different with MAC D for Danger looking a tad brighter and more berry-toned. On my lips, the difference is barely noticeable.

Left - MAC D for Danger | Right - Inglot 412
Left – MAC D for Danger | Right – Inglot 412

Both lipsticks have matte finishes. Inglot 412, as with all other Inglot matte lipsticks, is flat matte while MAC D for Danger is a little bit creamier and has some sheen.

If they had the same finish, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, like in the photo below where I blotted my lips

Left - MAC D for Danger | Right - Inglot 412
Left – MAC D for Danger | Right – Inglot 412

I already had Inglot 412 when I bought MAC D for Danger. I bought the latter because it’s the same color as MAC Heaux, a lipstick I missed from the limited edition Riri collection. I should’ve listened to my friend when she said Inglot 412 looks like Heaux.

Swatches Left to Right: Happy Skin Scene Stealer, MAC Sin, Maybelline Divine Wine, Happy Skin Hot Stuff (is not mine), Lipstick Queen Entourage, MAC Diva, The Balm Adoring (Liquid), MAC D for Danger, Happy Skin Scene Stealer (Again), Inglot 412

Verdict: I’m keeping Inglot 412 because it’s not nice to give away lipstick that I already broke. I’m giving MAC D for Danger to a friend.

MAC Sin and Estee Lauder Pure Envy in Commanding

Note: I didn’t include commanding in my red lipstick swatchfest coz I considered it more as a deep purple / plum color rather than a red.

I really find it interesting how 2 lipsticks can appear very differently on arm swatches…

Left – Estee Lauder Commanding | Right – MAC Sin

…yet look indistinguishable from each other when put on the lips. Such is the case with Commanding and Sin.

Is my olive-yellow skin tone cancelling out the minor nuances of lipstick shades?

Top – Estee Lauder Pure Envy in Commanding | Bottom – MAC Sin

On closer inspection, Commanding looks more aubergine and Sin looks a tad browner. But it’s not like someone would notice if I do go out wearing both lipsticks. Anyway, here’s MAC Sin on it’s own.

Verdict: I’m giving Sin to a friend and keeping Commanding because I have a crush on Joan Smalls and she models the latter for Estee Lauder.

Progress: From 12 red lipsticks, I’m down to 10. A few more to go!

See you in the next few days.



  1. Just keep everything na lang 😛


    1. Can’t! Haha


  2. It’s weird that after getting promoted, my makeup purchases have all been planned now. When I was earning less, I was spending more even. Before I buy makeup I plan ahead… I need a dark colored lipstick, I need a purple… Then I go and look for one. I’ve cleaned up my makeup stash and had to throw away A LOT! Most of those I only used two to three times kaya I vowed to be very careful na with my purchases. So far so good. I wish I knew about this when I was still overspending on makeup para mas organized ang pag-dedestash. Naitapon ko lang tuloy most of them. xD


  3. I know it hasn’t been discussed yet but, Adoring totally stopped me. I keep scrolling up to look at the swatch. *insert googly eyes here*


  4. Yeah, totally couldn’t tell the differences once on the lips. Sometimes, I can’t help the whole “Shiny! New! Shiny!” feeling when it comes to lipsticks and then I find that I have the same color from a different brand, gah. I do that with eyeshadows too but I justify that eyeshadows never go bad* and I wear more eyeshadow than lipstick xD


  5. Still pushing for Instigator. It’s already beyond reason, but I don’t care. I just want one so bad. :))


    1. Me and your new lipsticks are excited to see you tomorrow! Haha! I want instigator, too, o kaya smoked purple. I still want that aubergine lipstick


  6. I didn’t buy Mac Diva coz I already have SIN. But Mac D for Danger is something I want. LOL Anyway, the color kinda reminds me of my Mac Captive, is it similar bah?


    1. Maybe if D for Danger had a child with Twig, it would be Captive. 😀


  7. I’m surprised you didn’t pick the MAC ones! Haha


    1. Haha, I’ve been wanting to wean off of MAC lipsticks. 😛


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