L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation Review

I got very excited when I saw L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation (Shade 150 Radiant Beige) in Watsons (P700). It’s rare to find a matte yellow olive-toned drugstore foundation locally.

I liked this foundation the first few times I used it. But I was applying it sheer and buffed with sunscreen. It doesn’t look bad used as a wash-of-color of base. It can even out my skin tone, however, it doesn’t do much for skin texture problems. I guess I initially liked it because it’s yellow AF.

As for the claims…

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Claims
L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Claims

No Transfer = Not True

It’s “infallible” in the sense that most of it stays on the face by the end of the day, but there is definitely some transfer. It transferred on the sleeve of my white shirt so be mindful when you’re wearing this.

No Visible Imperfections = Not True (Skin texture-wise)

One pump gives medium coverage enough to hide redness and faint acne marks. I don’t usually care for coverage. What I look for in foundation is its ability to diffuse my pores and make my skin look like skin but better, which this foundation doesn’t do 😦

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh
From two feet away–in photo–it actually looks ok… I think.

When I first applied this foundation, I got introduced to the pores, itty bitty hairs, fine lines and dry patches I didn’t know I have.

It doesn’t look that bad, but I want my skin look a little smoother.

LOreal Infallible Texture Problems (2)
LOreal Infallible Texture Problems

It also doesn’t sit well on my nose and it emphasizes “sebaceous filaments”.

Texture problems can be fixed by a face primer, but when I do use primer, the foundation tends to pool into the deeper pores.

No Visible Shine = After the 2nd Hour, Not True

Upon application, yes. But I start getting shiny by the 2nd hour. I reach the need-to-blot point by the third hour. That is with no primer and no setting powder. With Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer, I can go the whole day without blotting.

After 3 hours, this is me (without flash) —

L'Oreal 24H Stay Fresh Infallible after 3 hours
L’Oreal 24H Stay Fresh Infallible after 3 hours

This claim could probably be true only for normal and dry skin types.

No Mask-Effect = True

This is what I love most with this foundation next to being a very good shade match. It’s not mask-like and ashy as most long-wear-type of foundations tend to look on me. Despite the fact that it oxidizes to a shade darker, it still doesn’t look totally off against my neck and chest.

No Dry-Out = True

Freshly applied, it kind of makes my skin look drier but it doesn’t actually dry my skin out.


If this is the only foundation I own and I don’t get an itch to buy foundations every now and again, I think I can finish it considering that it is almost an exact match (my #1 requirement!). But since I own other foundations that I like more, I’d have to let this go. I can imagine this foundation working great for people with normal to moderately oily skin and not a lot skin texture issues.

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Comparison Swatches
LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Comparison Swatches

Left to Right: Koh Gen Do Aqua (Old Formula) – OC2 [This is my exact match and I’m sad that KGD no longer carries this shade]; LOreal 24H Stay Fresh – 150 Radiant Beige; Inglot YSM Cream Foundation – 50

The photo above is a more accurate shot of the how yellow the shade is. I haven’t figured out white balance yet when I took photos of my face. My face looks a lot more neutral-toned in the photos above.

LOreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation Review

First published on August 2016



  1. Victoria

    They say the one on the tube is better than this?


    1. I heard but I don’t know. Many report pilling and inability to diffuse skin texture problems. Some said it made their lines, pores, and dry patches look worse.


      1. Victoria

        Hmmm… but then again, I haven’t worn foundation in months.


        1. Gurl, since the start of the year, your skin care game has been really strong. Congrats!


        2. Victoria

          Nakakaiyak. Medyo nag okay yung texture and the blemishes did lighten up a bit (plus the TO caffeine solution actually works its wonder on my dark circles) pero jusko, ang laki pala ng pores ko?????? It’s either I had absolutely no idea or wasn’t paying attention because the blemishes and acne were in the way or somehow, bigla silang lumaki??? I don’t know what to do with them. 😦

          The Ordinary = Life saver. Want to try the Klairs toner, though. Please review it soon!


        3. Same! You’re definitely not alone. After my acne was fixed and my pores declogged. I found my pores to be A LOT bigger. I imagine my pores are ‘bottle openings’ clogged with a cork stopper, and now that the ‘cork stopper’ is gone, my pores are gaping holes. It gets smaller over the years basta hindi malagyan ulit ng laman (I hope that made sense).


        4. Victoria

          I actually just noticed it the other day. I was at the garage where there’s natural light and I saw my reflection on my phone and jusko po those pores are humongous! Nanlaki yung mata ko, as in. Hopefully, I find a fix for this too. 😦


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