Lipz Diva Silky Matte Lipstick in Lucky Review and Swatches

One of my recent most used lipsticks is Lipz Diva Silky Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lucky. I love the formula! It dries down matte and sets completely. This is one of the more comfortable and lightweight matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried (note, however, that I generally like matte liquid lipsticks). The consistency is thin and it moves with the lips once it dries, if that makes sense.


It doesn’t transfer on mugs / cups unless you’re drinking a fatty coffee or hot chocolate or anything topped with whipped cream. It remains presentable after non-greasy meal and it doesn’t get tacky when wet.

This shade needs 2 layers to achieve full opacity, but I usually wear only 1 layer. Leaving the middle part sheer-ish makes my lips look fuller.

Left - Lipz Diva Lucky | Right - MAC Flat Out Fabulous
Left – Lipz Diva Lucky | Right – MAC Flat Out Fabulous

I love that it smells and feels pepperminty.

A tube has 5ml of product but reasonable for Php 159. I bought mine from my HS classmate Mayen (IG: @wan_stopshop).

Left - Lipz Diva Lucky | Right - MAC Flat Out Fabulous

The shade seems like MAC Heroine and MAC Flat Out Fabulous combined. I would say it’s a practical buy to get in on 2018 color of the year–Ultra Violet–without having to spend so much.



  1. Hmmmm. Not a fan of this color but I want to get my hands on this, just in a different shade.


    1. Underrated brand, IMO


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