2018 Focus Points

Not considering everything happening in the world, my 2017 ended well. I started the “Year of Rae” project where I would make deliberate changes to get more of my sh*t together.

I was supposed to document this for accountability but the looming thought that I need to write about my activities afterwards, as I simultaneously figure out how I would do what I need to do felt overwhelming. I focused all my efforts on ‘just doing it’ which ended up being a good decision.

In 2018, I want to focus on 3 areas–personal finance, health and fitness, and personal growth. I’ll continue what I started early this year: establishing “systems”, habits, and deliberate actions to achieve results (Read: Forget About Setting Goals, Focus on This Instead). Hopefully, I’ll be more prolific in documenting my efforts.

I’m not big on planning for and laying out everything I want to accomplish for a whole year. I just listed down a few initial habits I want to reinforce and go from there.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Personal Finance

I want to be extra frugal in 2018. I got inspired by an article on NY Times about a woman’s experience of not shopping for a year. I haven’t worked out the ‘rules’ yet but I’ll be as rigid with this as I can e.g. absolutely no makeup and skin care purchases until I use up everything even if I’m left with products I’m not crazy for, as long as they don’t break me out.

I will also log my daily expenses for self-awareness purposes and to find out what expenditure I can eliminate. Any app recommendations?

Health and Fitness

I believe this is in line with my personal finance goals, too. Getting sick derails money-making and saving efforts, yo!

I lost 9 kilograms this year cutting down sugar and eating whole foods the past 4 months, but I’ve been on-and-off (mostly off) eating healthy for most of December. I got back on track this week. I decided not to wait until the new year.

This time, I won’t measure my progress with a weighing scale because I’ll start strength training and building some muscle. I’ll focus on non-scale victories as muscle weighs more than fat. My current waist-to-height ratio is 50%. I’m hoping to get it down to 47% by the first quarter of the month. I’m also hoping that my morning fasting blood glucose, measured with a glucometer, goes below 80 mg/dl.

Personal Growth

I haven’t given this much thought yet. At the moment I can only think of improving the number of books I finish and setting aside time for mindfulness by doing this: CEO Morning and Night Routine. I’ll do some variant of the routine to fit my lifestyle as I imagine real-life CEOs having executive assistants and/or househelp. Also, everyone in the vid is male and seemingly single but it’s worth noting that the routine is Arianna Huffington’s. I don’t have dreams of becoming a CEO, tbh, but I think this would benefit me ‘mental health’-wise.


Many people seem to scoff at New Year’s resolutions these days, but if you’re doing something like this, please share in the comments. Include the link if you have a post on it, too. I’d love to read them.



  1. Happy New Year, Rae! I use Money Love (app) to track my expenses. Last year I used it pero I found logging expenses bothering hahaha minsan nakakalimutan ko. But this year I’ll get the hang of it.


  2. I’ve been using Fortune City to track our expenses. It’s fun! It has a game. The more you spend, the bigger your city becomes. Haha. But I like it in the sense that I feel like our money’s going somewhere (virtually nga lang).


  3. Super organized. All I want for 2018 is to get my room re-painted, to get a new vanity table, and to save at least 45k. Hahaha medyo lame.


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