2018 Focus Points

Not considering everything happening in the world, my 2017 ended well. I started the “Year of Rae” project where I would make deliberate changes to get more of my sh*t together.

I was supposed to document this for accountability but the looming thought that I need to write about my activities afterwards, as I simultaneously figure out how I would do what I need to do felt overwhelming. I focused all my efforts on ‘just doing it’ which ended up being a good decision.

In 2018, I want to focus on 3 areas–personal finance, health and fitness, and personal growth. I’ll continue what I started early this year: establishing “systems”, habits, and deliberate actions to achieve results (Read: Forget About Setting Goals, Focus on This Instead). Hopefully, I’ll be more prolific in documenting my efforts.

I’m not big on planning for and laying out everything I want to accomplish for a whole year. I just listed down a few initial habits I want to reinforce and go from there.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Personal Finance

I want to be extra frugal in 2018. I got inspired by an article on NY Times about a woman’s experience of not shopping for a year. I haven’t worked out the ‘rules’ yet but I’ll be as rigid with this as I can e.g. absolutely no makeup and skin care purchases until I use up everything even if I’m left with products I’m not crazy for, as long as they don’t break me out.

I will also log my daily expenses for self-awareness purposes and to find out what expenditure I can eliminate. Any app recommendations?

Health and Fitness

I believe this is in line with my personal finance goals, too. Getting sick derails money-making and saving efforts, yo!

I lost 9 kilograms this year cutting down sugar and eating whole foods the past 4 months, but I’ve been on-and-off (mostly off) eating healthy for most of December. I got back on track this week. I decided not to wait until the new year.

This time, I won’t measure my progress with a weighing scale because I’ll start strength training and building some muscle. I’ll focus on non-scale victories as muscle weighs more than fat. My current waist-to-height ratio is 50%. I’m hoping to get it down to 47% by the first quarter of the month. I’m also hoping that my morning fasting blood glucose, measured with a glucometer, goes below 80 mg/dl.

Personal Growth

I haven’t given this much thought yet. At the moment I can only think of improving the number of books I finish and setting aside time for mindfulness by doing this: CEO Morning and Night Routine. I’ll do some variant of the routine to fit my lifestyle as I imagine real-life CEOs having executive assistants and/or househelp. Also, everyone in the vid is male and seemingly single but it’s worth noting that the routine is Arianna Huffington’s. I don’t have dreams of becoming a CEO, tbh, but I think this would benefit me ‘mental health’-wise.


Many people seem to scoff at New Year’s resolutions these days, but if you’re doing something like this, please share in the comments. Include the link if you have a post on it, too. I’d love to read them.



  1. Happy New Year, Rae! I use Money Love (app) to track my expenses. Last year I used it pero I found logging expenses bothering hahaha minsan nakakalimutan ko. But this year I’ll get the hang of it.


    1. Money Lover ***


    2. Thank you!!!


  2. I’ve been using Fortune City to track our expenses. It’s fun! It has a game. The more you spend, the bigger your city becomes. Haha. But I like it in the sense that I feel like our money’s going somewhere (virtually nga lang).


    1. Cool concept! Kaso baka matempt ako magspend para lumaki city ko


  3. Super organized. All I want for 2018 is to get my room re-painted, to get a new vanity table, and to save at least 45k. Hahaha medyo lame.


    1. Good luck to us! Struggling to feel hopeful for 2018 for everything else. I’m hoping I achieve my goals, at least.


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