30-Day Low Carb Challenge | 14th Day Update

I averaged 46g of Carbs (36g Net Carbs) the second week of the challenge. Woohoo!!! I did it!

I meal-prepped but the food only lasted us for half of the week. Haha. I should improve on my meal planning skills.

When I’m not able to bring packed lunch, I either buy food from the office cafeteria (one veggie and one meat dish) or go to a fast food burger chain and order a bun-less 100% beef burger.

If you’re in the Philippines and there’s a cafeteria or karinderya near you, I think it’s easy to eat low carb. Pinoy dishes are very low-carb-friendly; just leave out the rice and avoid sweet dishes like pininyahang manok. By the way, when buying adobo and tomato-based dishes, don’t forget to ask if they added sugar in it. In some regions in the Philippines, sweeter dishes are preferred. ‘Wag mahiyang magtanong.

Here’s a summary of my 2nd week of going low carb (again)

CarbsNet CarbsFatsProtein
Nov 8
Nov 91700159724.417.6106.8133.2
Nov 101800158264.454.9113.4163.1
Nov 111868160550.442.5122.177.7
Nov 12
Nov 131682121537.727.586.278.7
Nov 1415918595624.3g3875.1
Lost 1.8 lbs in a week


I lost 1.8 lbs which is irrelevant and probably not good considering my goal of growing muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat for the same volume (think: stainless steel sheet vs cloth, when they’re the same size, stainless steel will weigh heavier).

Glucose Meter Reading

This is what got me excited–I took my 2-hour postprandial blood glucose reading and it’s at 106 mg/dl!!!

I was measuring at 114-118 mg/dl before, which is still below the 120 mg/dl prediabetic range, but I don’t want to be hovering near the border.

I should get an HBA1C test soon.

To read about how my first week went, click here: 30-Day Low Carb Challenge | 7th Day Update


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