Makeup and Skincare Low-Buy 2018 – 3rd Quarter Update

I wish I had been more prolific in blogging about my makeup and skincare low-buy efforts. Good thing I was diligent in listing down everything (see photos; click to enlarge).

My running totals for the year, as of October 31:

  • Gifts / Purchases = 81
  • Empties /  Expired and Tossed Products = 126

I regret not getting the running total every month-end. That could’ve discouraged more purchases.

My ratio of deductions to additions is — 1.5 : 1. I also noticed a downward trend in the number of my purchases as months go by. In October, I was finally successful at a ‘no-buy challenge’. It helped that I avoided beauty content and social media in general. I missed the interaction, but it was worth it. Hello, FOMO-proof new self!

October 2018 - Low-Buy
October 2018 – Low-Buy

I’m attempting another No-Buy this December. I might be setting myself up for failure but I have a feeling I can do it.

I don’t have the words to describe how I am right now but I can relate to Renee with what she wrote on her blog. She’s trying a year-long no-buy in 2019. I might do that too.

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  1. Love this post! Naiinspire ako to try again with managing my skincare. The past couple of months I was an emotional buyer – my husband and wallet are still crying. I’m going to think of joining your no buy 2019. I think it’s doable, but I’d definitely would iron out a couple of exceptions! 😛 (ok, baka madaya pa din yun)

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