30-Day Low Carb Challenge | Final Update

Last November, I tracked my food intake and did a 30-day low carb challenge. I had already been eating a relatively low-carb diet at least a year prior to this but I had been slacking. It helps to track once in a while to make sure my carb macro estimate is within target.

Since this isn’t my first time with this way of eating, it was relatively easy for me. I was already familiar with food I should eat and avoid, and I already know how to meal prep and where to get food when I’m not able to bring lunch. I’ll share my initial struggles with the low carb diet in a separate post.

The past 30 days, I averaged 54.5g of carbs (46.5g net carbs). Not so far off my goal of <50g. Yay!

I realized that I probably was averaging 75 to 125g of carbs when I wasn’t tracking.

On November 8, I weighed in at 118.6 lbs. By the end of the month I was 114.4 lbs. I lost 4.2 lbs (around 2kgs). I’m also happy to report that my blood glucose levels are nowhere near the prediabetic range. Woohoo!

Would I continue eating low carb? Yes.

I am less lethargic since starting the low carb diet and I don’t break out anymore, even during my period!


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