Declutter Diary: Skincare Samples

Last weekend I went through my stuff to collect skincare samples and I threw them all away.

I wish I took a photo of everything but I forgot. Above are some of the samples I had.

I decided not to give them away because most (if not all) samples have shorter shelf-lives compared to their full size counterparts. Samples usually don’t have the expiration date printed on the label too.

From now on, I’ll either use samples as soon as I get them or I’ll just decline them. The number of purchases I made from the samples I tried is just too few.

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  1. Omg yes I have this whole box of samples and I have no idea what to do with them as well.
    Vivian |

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  2. I haven’t gotten to sorting my beauty stash. But I’m glad I came across this because it made my resolve about giving away samples firmer. Like, I shouldn’t wait till I know what to do with them when I’m sure upon receiving them that I won’t be interested in using them.


    1. Yes! That’s what I should’ve done so that other people would find use for them.


  3. russelleane

    i threw all my samples too. i always keep them for “i’ll bring these when i travel” pero it never happens because i still bring my skin care products hehe. next time i’ll just decline them na lang din

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    1. I used to say the same thing! And yeah, I also still end up bringing my full size skincare products


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