NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte | Review

I wasn’t able to make the most of NARS Audacious Brigitte, the last Audacious in my lipstick stash. When I checked all my lipsticks for viability several days ago, I found my tube of Brigitte smelling (mildly) like rancid cooking oil. That said, the texture and color is the same as when I got it.

NARS Audacious Brigitte
NARS Audacious Brigitte

On the NARS website, Brigitte is described as nude rose. I don’t detect any nude or rose to be honest. I would describe the shade medium pink coral.

It doesn’t suit my light-medium yellow olive skin tone when applied full-coverage — I think it ages me. When applied sheer, I think it looks good (see photo).

NARS Audacious Brigitte on NC30 skin

The pigmentation, longevity, texture, and finish (satin) is consistent with all the other Audacious lipsticks I tried.

Dupes and Comparison Swatches - NARS Audacious Brigitte / Happy Skin Swept Off My Feet
Top – NARS Audacious Brigitte | Bottom – Happy Skin Swept Off My Feet

I’m adding the NARS Audacious lipstick line to my ‘Do Not Buy’ list. I thought I really liked them, but after all the Audacious lipsticks I acquired and subsequently let go of, I am realizing that maybe I just like the idea of them.

The line ticks all the boxes — easy to apply, comfortable on the lips, opaque in one swipe, lasts long relative to other satin bullet lipsticks, and they don’t bleed or move around. There are 40+ shades to choose from and many of them are unique. Despite all that, I don’t find myself opting for them when I get ready for the day. I guess I will always prefer matte lipsticks.

One bullet costs P 1,850. Available at Rustans and Adora (Greenbelt 5).

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  1. I’ve always thought of myself as a nude lipstick kinda person, pero I realised mas pinky mauve and pinky coral pala ako naturally nagga-gravitate towards. Haha. Like this one! Ganda, may slight brightening effect parang glowing ka lalo!


    1. Bewildered lang ako kung bakit kapag full-coverage application nakakatanda sya and it makes my face more yellow in an unflattering way, but when sheered out as the photo, it looks good.


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