No-Buy 2019 | January Update

I’m doing good with my replacement only no-buy. I was so tempted but I am able to resist getting Kosas Tinted Face Oil. I make my own by mixing a rice grain-sized amount of Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer with a drop of Kiehl’s Daily Recovery Concentrate (Oil) to scratch the itch.

No Buy 2019 January Update

I bought 2 skincare products this month to replace what I used up:

  • Timeless Vitamin C Serum to replace Purito Vitamin C Serum (emptied), The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (gave away), and The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin (gave away) — P 1,235.00
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (100 ml) to replace Simple Micellar Water. — P 89.00

I finished 3 other products that didn’t need replacement. I don’t have backups of these specific products, but I have alternatives in stock. I’ll post capsule reviews in another post.

  • Olay Regenerist Cleanser
  • Watsons Soft and Clean Square Puffs; and
  • Olay Age Protect

Here’s a summary of what’s gone from my vanity this January —

  • Empties – 5 (Makeup – 5 | Skincare – 0)
  • Purge (Gave Away) – 12 (Makeup – 7 | Skincare – 5)
  • Expired – 1 (Makeup – 1 | Skincare – 0)

If you weren’t able to read the rules to this replacement-only no-buy — I am allowing myself to buy something if I let go of 3 items of the same type. I am not lusting for any product right now but I am considering if I’ll allow myself a future purchase for every 3 items I let go of. I’ll resist as much as I can but I’ll be tallying each category just in case.

Coffee. I made two solo gourmet coffee trips this month. In one of the instances, I was not being mindful and bought expensive coffee because it’s the store nearest me. The other instance, I wasn’t able to bring enough cash to cover lunch and cheap coffee. I had remaining balance in my expensive coffee shop rewards card and used that ~ note to self: Don’t top-up that card. Total spent on solo coffee trips — P 260.00

Clothes. I mentioned that I need to buy clothes this year, but shopping to complete a two-week capsule wardrobe stressed me out. I do NOT enjoy shopping for clothes, but I decided that I will not settle and will only buy clothes that spark joy.I was only able to buy one shirt — P 499.00

Total money spent on in-scope no-buy items is P 2,083.00. I shall deposit this amount to my savings account.

To read the introduction to No-Buy 2019, click the link: No-Buy 2019.


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  1. […] bought a total of 7 items. Two (2) of which I already shared in my January No-Buy Update post. The other 5 […]


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