MAC Chili x Maybelline Toasted Brown | How I kept myself from buying MAC Marrakesh

It was love at first sight when I saw a swatch of MAC Marrakesh online. I thought it was the perfect burnt terracotta orange red brown shade.

MAC Chili and Maybelline Toasted Brown Swatches

I wanted Marrakesh so much, I thought it’s gonna be the makeup item to break my No Buy rule of “replacements only”. I still had Chili, a matte lipstick in the same color family, but less brown, more orange, and much brighter. The latter is why I don’t pick it up as much — I wish it was more muted.

MAC Chili, Chili x Toasted Brown, Maybelline Toasted Brown

So I layered Maybelline Toasted Brown over Chili to mute it down.

MAC Chili, Chili x Toasted Brown, Maybelline Toasted Brown

It’s true what they say — restrictions boost creativity. I probably wouldn’t have thought of this if it hadn’t been for my self-imposed No Buy year. In no way was my Chili x Toasted Brown mix a dupe for Marrakesh, but I enjoyed using it.

I was able to wear Chili more and, as of this post, finish the tube. Woohoo!


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  1. aaaah. why am I only seeing this post now? I bought MAC Marrakesh last March ever since I swatched it when I was on a trip in Taiwan. nonetheless, I agree with you that Marrakesh is such a lovely shade ❤


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