Beauty Inventory | Makeup Removers

I will spend every day of June taking an inventory of the beauty products I own by category. Exciting!

I did this on Instagram last year, but I thought of also blogging about it this time to get me back into writing.

Let’s kick this off with makeup removers. I have 3 — 1 bi-phase makeup remover and 2 emulsifying cleansing balms. I had these since last year.

I didn’t realize how long it takes me to use up cleansing balms! I am sure it’s because I have several makeup removers open simultaneously, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I prefer micellar water. I’m deliberately keeping myself from buying the latter so I could finish the cleansing balms. Pretty sure they would be used up before the month ends.

Below is my 2018 stash. I went down from 6 to 3. Proud of myself. I think “2” is my magic number for makeup removers. I would keep 1 huge bottle of micellar water and 1 bi-phase makeup remover for water-proof makeup.

Makeup Remover Inventory 2018


  1. I love this series of yours Rae! It really does help to keep you accountable, but also to see all that you really have. Would you mind if I followed suit and did something similar? All credits would be your of course! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ

    In terms of cleanser, I find that I need a cream cleanser, a gel (our weather is SO up and down), micellar water and bi-phase formula. Oh… and an oil based makeup remover πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… I wish I was more minimalistic….


  2. Would you recommend using balms for light (to none) make-up users? I want to use balms instead of cleansing waters to stop using cotton pads but I think it’s too much.


    1. I am taking this as a reminder. For a moment there, I forgot that the main reason I quit Micellar Water was to reduce waste.

      I think using cleansing balm is overkill to remove the makeup that I do, but it works, just use a small amount, it will last you almost a year. The thing I don’t like about it (and cleansing oils/cold creams) is the feeling that I’m spreading makeup around.

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      1. Ohh, your answer encourages me to try. I’ve been very hesitant since it is an overkill with the makeup that I do daily. Thanks for the input. I’ll look into small cleansing balms next. I just finished my cleansing water and I’m washing my face twice lol since I don’t have any cleansing balms/water yet.


  3. Apparently, I can’t count. In 2019 I had 7 makeup removers, not 6 πŸ˜…


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