Beauty Inventory | Second Cleansers

Same as last year, I have 4, but this time a different set of products.

Second Cleanser Inventory 2019

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I bought this last year after I had CO2 Laser Resurfacing done. I needed something I was sure won’t irritate and strip my skin of moisture.

Alba Botanica AcneDote Deep Pore Wash

This is a gel-type cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid. It’s not as drying as I thought it would be. I use this several days before and during my period to preempt and address any zit that might erupt.

Jason Super-C Cleanser

It’s a non-drying gel-type cleanser and smells overwhelmingly of orange peel oil. This was my favorite 10+ years ago, when I got suckered into the greenwashing and fear-mongering of “natural” brands.

Hyalure Derma-Formulated Hyaluronic Foaming Face Wash

I’ve been reading a lot about Korean Soft Power and how the South Korean government has supported KBeauty and encouraged global promotion of Korean culture.

This made me feel inspired to explore and support Filipino brands like Hyalure. They have a whole line of Hyaluronic Acid products that I intend to use more of soon.

I love their cleanser. It’s not dehydrating and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Here is a photo of last year’s cleansers —

Cleanser Inventory 2018

Seeing this made me miss Safeguard Dermasense for Sensitive Skin. I wish P&G brings it back. ☹️

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