Beauty Inventory | Cleansing Tools

Cleansing Tools Inventory 2018

Within the past year, I quit buying makeup wipes and I let go of my cleansing brush. I also recently stopped using micellar water which reduced my cotton pad consumption.

Cleansing Tools 2019

Now I’m left with a green exfoliating cloth and a microfiber mitt.

I use the green cloth to exfoliate my body. It can be found on shopee as “Italy Towel” and is also known as Korean Exfoliating Mitt. It feels almost like sandpaper so I avoid being rigorous with it. It gives a very satisfying physical exfoliation that I haven’t had the urge to buy body scrub since getting it. Yay!

The white microfiber mitt is from The Face Shop. I used to have 3 of these, but 2 of them disappeared through the wormhole in my washing machine. I use this to make it easier to remove cleansing balm while being careful not to apply any pressure.

Sometimes I feel tempted to buy one of those silicone cleansing things, but I’m thankful I’m still able to resist. I think I’m good with these 2 for now.


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