Time to Regroup | Mid-year No-Buy Update

My no-buy hasn’t been going well since May. I used stress and my birthday as excuses to shop. I don’t know if regroup is the right word for this since there’s no one to literally regroup but me, but something of the sort is definitely in order.

I made an adjustment to my rules and started implementing a few things.

I logged off Instagram

I’ve been documenting my empties and no-buy-related activities on Instagram, but lately it’s been counterproductive. I mostly follow candid skincare and makeup enthusiasts and I find their influence stronger than people actually influencing for a living.

Instagram had become a huge shopping trigger so I deactivated my account, @scatterbraintures. Somehow it mysteriously got reactivated. I won’t go into details, but I’m happy the account wasn’t hacked (thank you, dual authentication!). I’ll keep it alive and on private mode, but I’ll stay logged off for a while.

Whatever I feel like posting on Instagram, I’ll just post here instead. Please expect microposts and photostories in the coming weeks.

I un-joined r/beautytalkph

I love this sub, but similar to Instagram it’s a shopping trigger. It’s another place where everyday beauty enthusiasts convene.

I’ll still visit from time to time to check in on the bi-weekly Beauty Rehab thread, but I’ll spend more time on r/makeuprehab, r/simpleliving, and r/frugal from now on.

Unrelated to anti-consumerism — visit r/makemesmile, the best sub on reddit.


I will ask my husband to get on board with me

My husband is very supportive of my makeup and skincare hobby. He is my #1 enabler. When we’re out, he points my attention to things I might like and asks if there’s a store I need to visit. I know he’s just being his considerate self, and I’ve mostly been able to resist, but I’m going to have to ask him to stop doing that from now on because willpower is finite. I didn’t think I needed support, but maybe this is the one thing that would make the difference.

New No-Buy Rules?

There are abstainers and there are moderators. I’m the former. Abstaining is more sustainable for me than the slippery slope of indulging in moderation. The latter is what made me break my no-buy big time. So I’m scrapping this from my initial list of rules —

For makeup and skincare — if I’m buying a non-replacement, I should let go of 3 items

That’s it! Crossing my fingers for a better 2nd half of 2019.



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