Red Lipstick Inventory + Swatches | MAC Marrakesh, BLK Totally, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, and Happy Skin Scene Stealer

July was a test of resisting lipstick sales and FOMO — and I passed.

I deleted ALL shopping apps from my phone and unfollowed (or muted) brands on Instagram. Whenever I feel tempted to shop, I take my lipsticks out and swatch them to remind me of what I have.

Here are all my red lipsticks and brief reviews for each (click here for my Foundation and Concealer matches):

MAC Marrakesh, BLK Totally, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, Happy Skin Scene Stealer

MAC Matte Lipstick in Marrakesh

MAC describes this shade as an intense orange brown. On me it looks like a medium-deep brick red (orange brown red?). Maybe the green tones in my skin bring out more of the red in this lipstick.

The scent, finish, texture, longevity and pigmentation is the same as any other MAC matte lipstick in the permanent line.

BLK Soft Matte Mousse in Totally

On me, BLK Totally and MAC Marrakesh are dupes, only the latter has sheen. Totally sets to a matte finish.

BLK Soft Matte Mousse, as the name suggests, is a mousse-type, almost powdery liquid lipstick. It can be sheered out but I prefer using it opaque. I don’t find it moisturizing or drying (note: my tolerance for drying lipsticks is high). It can survive water breaks and honestly that’s all I require as far as longevity goes.

Top swatch is Marrakesh; bottom swatch is Totally

Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Hot Stuff

I’ve had this crayon since 2015! 😲 (Ok, it’s actually my friend who bought this in 2015 and then she passed it on to me).

If you’re looking for a cheaper MAC Diva, Hot Stuff is a good dupe. This is similar to many silicone-based matte lipsticks. Compared to Maybelline Powder Matte, it’s not as slippy, but it doesn’t cling to the lips the way wax-based tuggy lipsticks do. To reduce movement, blot and press the first layer with a tissue paper or blotting sheet and then apply a second layer.

MAC Diva versus Happy Skin Hot Stuff

Hot stuff is opaque and non-tuggy. Longevity is within my acceptable range with bullet lipsticks. Possible con for you — it’s not transfer-proof, but seriously, is there a transfer-proof bullet lipstick?

MAC Marrakesh, BLK Totally, Happy Skin Hot Stuff, Happy Skin Scene Stealer

Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Scene Stealer

Happy Skin Scene Stealer’s formula is consistent with Hot Stuff and all the other Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte lipsticks.

Compared Hot Stuff, Scene Stealer is slightly brighter, berry-er, and more vivid. On my skintone it can work as a dupe for MAC D for Danger, but swatched side-by-side, the latter is one to two shades lighter.

Which color family would you like to see next?

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