About me

Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I find a sense of order when I write.

I created this blog in mid-2010 and I write mostly for stress-relief fun.

To finance my skin care and makeup purchases, I test software applications to ensure that they do what they’re supposed to do.

About the blog

I blog mostly about skin care, makeup products, and personal projects.

I want to use the least number of skin care and makeup products at a given point in time. I am a sucker for multi-use products and I like doing beauty-related ‘experiments’.

I love matte lipsticks.

I’m also trying to become more fit and healthy. I’m eating mostly low carb and I’m slowly getting into bodyweight training.


I contradict myself a lot and I change my mind about many things. So, please don’t take me too seriously. I can only assure you that all posts are true to my knowledge as of the time of writing.

I buy almost everything I write about. On rare occasions, I might write about something I received from a company. When that happens, I state it explicitly (you’ll see it on the top of the post). Accepting stuff happens very very rarely though, because I have few and specific preferences and a filtering disability.

Contact Me

You can get in touch with me here —
Email: raetriesthings@gmail.com
Instagram: @raetriesthings


Updated on July 2019