MAC Sin, Inglot 412, MAC D for Danger, and Estee Lauder Commanding | Toss or Keep

Dark Red Lipstick Collection

I’ll give Marie Kondo a run for her money once my book comes out titled The Life-Changing Magic of Using The Candy Crush Technique in Letting Go of Lipsticks. The Candy Crush Technique is when you group lipsticks by color and choose to keep ONE lipstick from each group. My red lipstick destashing project is on-going, and so far, I’ve found 2 pairs of lipsticks […]

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MAC Twig Dupes and Swatches

I am at a point where all my makeup sparks joy. But I am in the process of moving to a much smaller space, which means, I have to find a more restrictive destashing criterion. I’m considering the nitpicking method, where I would literally nitpick over negligible details to determine which stuff I’d let go of. Here’s what I’m dealing […]

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Lipsticks With The Best Packaging

Day 11: Lipstick With The Best Packaging 20-Day Lipstick Challenge I’m supposed to write about the lipstick I own that has the best packaging, but I can’t feature just one so I’ll just talk about my preferred lipstick packaging in general. Best Packaging in Terms of Appearance To be honest, packaging aesthetics doesn’t have a huge influence in my lipstick shopping decision making process. Being a matte lipstick lover, my only requirement with packaging is that it should keep the lipstick from wobbling as I tug the product along my lips. A good example would be MAC’s standard lipstick packaging. It can handle the pressure needed to apply the driest of the brand’s mattes. Anyway, I do notice my preference for lipsticks in minimalist, cuboid-shaped packaging. They’re elegant and they don’t roll off tables like NARS Audacious and Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope. I believe that the latter is my best-looking lipstick. Just look at it. It’s an effing gold bar! Guerlain Rouge G is quite beautiful, too…but it’s a little over-the-top and doesn’t look very me. It has a flip mirror thing that looks cool, but I rarely ever touch up in public using it. Best Packaging in Terms of Function I like lipsticks in lip balm or crayon-type packaging, too, such as Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte and Happy Skin’s Shut Up and Kiss Me. NARS Pure Matte and Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color fall under this category, too…as well as any other lipstick I own where part of the packaging is hugging […]

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