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The Hack That Changed My Life feat. Bench Fix Clay Doh Molding Clay

Bench Fix Eyebrow Hack

In one of my beautube marathon sessions, I discovered the hairspray makeup hack for brows. I’m sorry I can’t remember who the beautuber was (credit to whoever thought of this genius idea). The Hack If you run out of brow… Read More »The Hack That Changed My Life feat. Bench Fix Clay Doh Molding Clay

Eyebrow Shaping for The Totally Clueless

I used to get my eyebrows shaped and threaded every two weeks. But I decided that I should just learn how to shape and groom my own brows to save time and money.

The first thing I did was watch hundreds of youtube tutorials and read as many blog posts as possible. After consuming all those resources, I still couldn’t get it.

All I keep hearing was:

“go this way”

“start from this point until you reach that point”

In my head, I’m like “where is THAT way?” and “what POINT is that again?”

I don’t know how to draw and I absolutely do not have any art skills.

My brain doesn’t and can not process information from an art or drawing perspective. So even if I slow-mo a video of someone drawing an eyebrow, I won’t get it.

I had this brilliant idea of looking at it from a math perspective, geometry to be specific. I looked at pictures of good looking pairs of eyebrows and tried to see what they all have in common.

After what seemed like a million pairs of eyebrows, I reached a light bulb moment.

So, if you can relate to not getting it, like I once was, I lovingly dedicate this to you.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets it, you might find my technique very silly, please consider not reading through, this is potentially embarrassing. 😀

Also, disclaimers:

  • The post is for grooming the hairs only, shading and defining will be discussed in the next installment(s).
  • This is catered more to someone with dense & bushy eyebrows.


You know those angled-arrows guideline from the nostrils? It doesn’t work for my anatomy.

Eyebrow Arrow 2014-09-11 06.30.37

Just imagine if I shave all of my inner brows to follow the nostril line. THE HORROR.

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