New Products I NEED to Rave About feat. Laneige, Etude House, and PureVivi

I find it a chore to write about hauls, which I prefer just calling ‘new purchases’. But recently I bought products that are so good it would be a disservice to beauty blogosphere if I didn’t share them…stat. Let’s begin. Advertisements

My Acne Skin Care Prescription from Aesthetic Science Clinic

Since posting about Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution, I’ve gotten a few requests/questions about how to use Maxi Peel step-by-step, how to deal with the peeling, what moisturizers to use, and how to go about sun protection. Before we go there, I’ll tell you about my skin first and what got me to try the product. BACKGROUND Before: My acne during my teens wasn’t that bad. I’ve always had acne but I’d consider it mild. I get tiny pimples here and there but I wasn’t really bothered by it. They’re always just small ones, not a pretty sight, but I dealt with it. My…

The 3 Requirements for Acne to Exist: My Acne Story

I was an acne sufferer for years which lead me to reading a lot about anything acne-related. The goal is to be able to create a skincare routine that would keep my acne in remission. My skincare products now address at least 2 of the following. So far so good. The 3 requirements for acne to exist: #1:  P. Acne (Proprionibacterium Acne) This is the bacteria that causes acne. It feeds on the oils in our skin. #2:  Clogged Pore(s) The clogged pore(s) may be caused by comedogenic ingredients. But there are also people like me who have acne-prone pores….