Moisturizer Inventory 2019

Beauty Inventory | Moisturizers 2019

This category covers cream, gel, and oil / oil-based moisturizers. 2019 moisturizer count is 5 — two (2) if we exclude the ones I only use for the body. There’s a separate category for body lotions, but I already took photos for this post so here we are 😅. Lixirskin Universal Emulsion I love this moisturizer because I can use it everywhere, even on the perimeter of my eyes and on the lips. It’s cream-type but somewhat runny. It moisturizes my skin well, but note I’m oily. I’m almost done with the tube and I will review it in more…

andalou naturals

I Think I Already Found the Moisturizer I’ve Been Looking For

In my 30th birthday post, I mentioned the Jason Ester-C Skin Care line which had the best moisturizer I have ever tried. I remember my skin looking alive, and glowy, and pretty, and healthy, and smooth, and even-toned, AND post-acne hyperpigmentation went away so much faster when I was using it. Note that back then, I wasn’t using tretinoin yet. The line is already discontinued, although technically, it’s not. They reformulated and the moisturizer is just not the same anymore. After that, I switched moisturizers a lot in an attempt to find something that could give me the same effect….