My Acne Skin Care Prescription from Aesthetic Science Clinic

Since posting about Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution, I’ve gotten a few requests/questions about how to use Maxi Peel step-by-step, how to deal with the peeling, what moisturizers to use, and how to go about sun protection. Before we go there, I’ll tell you about my skin first and what got me to try the product. BACKGROUND Before: My acne during my teens wasn’t that bad. I’ve always had acne but I’d consider it mild. I get tiny pimples here and there but I wasn’t really bothered by it. They’re always just small ones, not a pretty sight, but I dealt with it. My…

Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution Review

The 5-years-ago version of me, would never have foreseen the present me writing about Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution, but here we are. I was (and still am) annoyed by the kutis-artista* tagline and the inference that to achieve “kutis-artista”, you must have whiter skin. I stumbled upon this product when I was looking for a cheaper, more accessible alternative to products that a dermatologist prescribed me, CHAT 2% solution. The active ingredients in CHAT 2% are Clindamycin Phosphate, Hydroquinone, Alum, and Tretinoin. I couldn’t find a product with these actives except for a toner being sold at Belo Clinics (also labeled…

Easing My Way Into Tretinoin: How I Hope I Can Keep Myself From Shedding Like A Snake

It’s only now that I’ll be easing my way into using tretinoin.  Previously, this was my prescription from the derm: Kojic Acid Soap Anti-bacterial Toner (alcohol-based) CHAT 2% Solution (chat = clindamycin phosphate, hydroquinone, alum, tretinoin) Retinoic Acid .1% Blending Cream (hydroquinone cream?) This prescription is strong.  I was told to use only the first 3 in the morning and all of them at night. I was also asked to start immediately after the day the doctor did a mild TCA peel procedure. On my fourth day, my skin was so raw that when I touch my jaw, I felt like I was touching raw…

Sun Protection Week Day 5 – Road Testing Laneige Sun Block Oil-free SPF35 PA++

I’m loving the cold weather but I had to set aside my watery sunblocks to keep my skin from drying out. Since I don’t like layering lotions and potions on my face, I started using alcohol-free cream-type sunblocks to serve as a moisturizer-and-sunblock-in-one. I sifted through the samples in my stash and saw this:

andalou naturals

I Think I Already Found the Moisturizer I’ve Been Looking For

In my 30th birthday post, I mentioned the Jason Ester-C Skin Care line which had the best moisturizer I have ever tried. I remember my skin looking alive, and glowy, and pretty, and healthy, and smooth, and even-toned, AND post-acne hyperpigmentation went away so much faster when I was using it. Note that back then, I wasn’t using tretinoin yet. The line is already discontinued, although technically, it’s not. They reformulated and the moisturizer is just not the same anymore. After that, I switched moisturizers a lot in an attempt to find something that could give me the same effect….

Too Cool For School Blending BB Cream

Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB Review

Please note that I only have a sample packet of the Too Cool For School’s Blending Cream BB and I’ve only used the product for 3 consecutive days. With each use, I applied the product right after toweling my face dry, without a primer underneath. I haven’t seen any other swirly bb cream before. I also haven’t seen any other bb cream that doesn’t have SPF. When I checked the website, titanium dioxide was high up on the ingredients list. But there was no mention of how much the SPF rating is. Here’s a photo of a full-size bottle taken from…